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User wants to upgrade his gaming PC, makes a mistake unnoticed and gets a nasty surprise

User wants to upgrade his gaming PC, makes a mistake unnoticed and gets a nasty surprise

When upgrading hardware, the player acts very hastily. He forgot a small but important step before removing the old graphics card. Now he also has to replace the motherboard.

Replacing the graphics card in your gaming PC is really quick. Disconnect the power cable from the additional power supply and remove one or more screws that secure the graphics card to the chassis.

With such an upgrade, the user forgot about the quick release on the PCIe slot at the last step due to ignorance and did not open it. He then removed the pixel accelerator from the computer despite significant resistance, thus damaging its motherboard.

The manufacturer shows off a stylish box, and players are thrilled: “Great design! Goes straight to my wish list.”

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Hasty hardware upgrade with consequences

What happened during the upgrade? A gamer wanted to replace the graphics card in his gaming PC. However, he forgot to open the PCIe slot. This small plastic lever usually ensures that the graphics card is securely inserted into the slot after installation.

Additionally, graphics cards are secured to the computer case using one or more screws at the level of the slot covers. When installing and removing the Pixel Accelerator, the screws are immediately noticeable. Unlocking is different, because it is often difficult to access and can be easily overlooked.

While the lever locks itself when installed, it must be manually released when removed. If you forget to do this, you will notice some resistance when you remove the device. The crane must be opened at this moment at the latest to avoid damage.

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Photo of a faulty motherboard on Reddit

Why didn't he realize his mistake? In one Reddit post User Chem2calWaste reported a friend who had this incident. It's not explained why it keeps pulling the graphics card. It is also still unclear what model the card is.

He says about his friend V Comments on RedditHe barely cares about his computer. He probably made the mistake out of ignorance and didn't think about it when the graphics card can only be removed with great effort.

Since the device was already a few years old, the friend decided to buy a cheap replacement board for 50 euros. The damaged motherboard is an MSI B150M PRO-VDH with socket 1151 for 6th generation Intel processors, such as the i7-6700(K). Amazon has been listing the motherboard since September 2015.

Feedback from the community

What do others say? Society makes the person feel unlucky. Some users reported similar experiences and their problems with the unlock solution in the comments below the post.

TRIPMIN_Guy says:

  • “When I replaced the GPU, the slot almost broke off. I didn’t know there was a release mechanism and I kept pulling.” (via reddit)

Paavikana is always afraid of damaging the components on the motherboard:

  • “I feel for you. I have to use a long screwdriver to unscrew the unlocking mechanism and I'm so afraid of scratching the motherboard every time. (via reddit)
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facw00 sees some of the blame for such incidents on newer graphics cards:

  • “To be fair, these levers are really bad. Especially now that we have triple-slot graphics cards with backplates. (via reddit)

How do manufacturers react? Some motherboard manufacturers are aware of the problem and now offer motherboards that have a simpler and safer quick release mechanism. Asus mentions this function as an example PCIe Q version.

If you're not sure how to open the main panel, a quick look at the relevant manual is sometimes enough. The appropriate manual can often be found in the mainboard download area on the manufacturer's website.

If you can't find what you're looking for there, tech forums or YouTube Help is another place you can go to make sure you know how to remove your graphics card from your gaming PC without causing any damage.

Installing and removing hardware in your gaming PC can sometimes cause some issues if certain things are not taken into consideration. Individual components should always be connected and securely installed as intended by the manufacturer. One user decided not to do this when installing his M.2 SSD: the user is too lazy to buy a screw and prefers to connect his SSD to the mainboard with tape

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