February 22, 2024


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A gamer buys a gaming PC on Amazon for a large sum of money, but when he opens it, almost all of its parts are missing

A gamer buys a gaming PC on Amazon for a large sum of money, but when he opens it, almost all of its parts are missing

A gamer bought a gaming PC for a lot of money. But when he opens the package at home, almost all the ingredients are missing. Is it even possible to properly protect yourself against such theft?

Player report On RedditHe purchased a new gaming PC through an Amazon dealer. Because the company that bought his computer also sells directly through Amazon. Amazon then sent the package accordingly.

But when he opens the package with his new home gaming PC, he realizes that almost all the components are missing:

What are the missing ingredients?

  • Healer
  • Graphics Card
  • SSD
  • RAM

Apart from the case, only the AIO cooler and the main board are installed in the case. All other components may have been stolen.

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From Lydia

Theft from moving boxes is usually difficult to trace

Can you protect yourself from such theft? No, it is difficult to protect yourself from people unpacking your computer or package either in the warehouse or during transportation. However, there are plenty of options through which you can protect yourself from financial damage:

  • However, what you should do is take photos and videos when unpacking to protect yourself from the seller. The effort is worth it if you purchase devices or items worth several hundred euros.
  • You should also not accept packages that contain seals, security codes or adhesive strips that have already been broken.
  • If the package seems too light when you accept it, you should also reject it.
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Some in the community also point out that packages are typically weighed before shipping. This way you should quickly discover where the package has become “lighter”:

It is probably very easy to prove that you have been robbed. Get the weight from the delivery service. Aren't packages weighed before delivery (Amazon does this)? Then trace the weight back to the supplier. Maybe this will help you find the bad guy.

However, whether weight can always help is another question. Some thieves become very creative and replace stolen components with bricks or something similar to compensate for the weight. In some cases, it even goes so far that thieves steal devices directly from stores, so sellers have to secure their devices.

The same applies to transportation damage: if the package arrives at your location already severely damaged, you should refuse to accept the package. Sellers also regularly point this out because the carrier usually has to cover the damage.

Another gamer also bought a new gaming PC. Here he has all the components, but is no longer able to play with the destroyed device:

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