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Unforgettable Mr. Poe case

Content / criticism

It’s a horrific scene on a winter morning in 1830: a cadet at West Point Military Academy is murdered and then his heart is cut out. Who could have done such a thing? And for what reason? Experienced detective Augustus Landor (Christian Bale) for the case. He quickly reached his limits, which is why he hired young Edgar Allan Poe (Harry Melling), who himself is at the Academy, in his investigations. In fact, he really could use any help, after a short time another such corpse appears, another murdered student. Others also feared they might be next…

Writer lost his way

Edgar Allan Poe is certainly one of the most famous names in crime and horror literature. Over and over again, there are references to the writer who died young and his horror stories. There are also several hundred films that were either direct adaptations of, or at least inspired by, the work of the American. But the person himself often served as a source of inspiration. This is how it was in the horror movie a few months ago Crow hollow To see how, as a young student, he finds a strangely broken corpse and has frightening experiences in a nearby village. detective Raven – the prophet of Satan It showed him as a writer in crisis whose work inspires other murders.

affiliate Netflix-film Unforgettable Mr. Poe case It is kind of a mixture of these two aforementioned films. He’s here again as a young student and finds inspiration for his own stories in a tough story. However, the supernatural element is missing here. While the cutting of the heart refers to an occult ritual, there is no doubt that the murders have human origins. This is a classic mix of crime and thriller, where the focus is on the search for one or more culprits. Traces are traced, possible motives are looked for, and people who might have clues are spoken to. the usual programme.

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Notable monotony

It all looked very promising, especially since the movie brought together a number of well-known actors and actresses. Among other things, we meet on the way Gillan AndersonAnd the Charlotte GainsbourgAnd the Timothy Spall And the Robert Duvall. Plus, no budget was saved, which is why viewers can look forward to the atmospheric recordings. The historical place, the jungle, the snow – all very impressive. The expected highlight is Unforgettable Mr. Poe case not become yet. Partly because of the story itself. Lewis Bayard, on the basis of his novel of the same name, he came up with a not very interesting case. The decision should surprise many, even if Bayard wasn’t the first to use this trick. However, on its way to resolution, it left few traces for the public to handle.

The actual implementation also leaves a lot to be desired. Director and screenwriter Scott Cooper He really made it with his latest movie Centuries Don’t really try to make suspense out of a monster story. Here he doesn’t even seem to be trying. Frozen after a strange introduction Unforgettable Mr. Poe case officially. The hunt for a killer stretches over two hours and takes many lengths. Time and time again, one wishes the cool d├ęcor was good for more than the boredom planted. Also a star composer Howard Shore He didn’t really come up with anything about it. If you are a big fan of Bale, then instead of crime novels in a historical setting, try it anyway and at least sometimes enjoy the atmosphere. But there are more interesting examples in this area.

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extra time: “pale blue eye”
nation: we
Public: 2022
Director: Scott Cooper
script: Scott Cooper
Mold: Lewis Bayard
Music: Howard Shore
camera: Masanobu Takayanagi
occupation: Christian BaleHarry Melling, Gillian Anderson, Lucy Boynton, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Toby Jones, Harry Lottie, Simon McBurney, Timothy Spall, Robert Duvall

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