December 7, 2023


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Ultrasound surgery: removing the limits of precision

The principle is to better control the movement of bubbles generated by waves to overcome the impact of shock waves that today limit the accuracy of focused ultrasound technology. With these advances, vital tissues will be more accurate in removal.

Focused ultrasound surgery technology that cuts only the targeted tissue

Lead author Dr. Bahek from the Bionics Research Center explains how this new technology in ultrasound surgery makes it possible to perform operations more accurately:

In a “general” manner, the technique of focused destruction of vital tissues by ultrasound allows the tissue to be mechanically segmented using a main bubble created within a very short period of time (approximately 1/100 of a second) at the focus point of the ultrasound. However, this technique also stimulates secondary bubbles that are simultaneously generated not only at the focus point, but also around it.

New technology that more precisely controls sound pressure At the pivot point it also makes it possible to better control the movement of the bubbles and thus increase the accuracy of the surgery. Here, the team provides a proof of concept in animals, that tissues can be “sliced” at a much higher resolution than that obtained with current focused ultrasound technology.

Accuracy can reach single-cell level: “We believe that it will be possible to identify and disrupt only specific cells of interest, or to extend our application to research in regenerative medicine, based on cell removal.”

Finally, additional research is underway to commercialize portable ultrasound medical devices, which are always better suited to surgery and precision treatments.