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Try linking queries (ContactForm7) in WordPress to a Google Spreadsheet ~ CF7 Google Sheets Connector |  IT Consultant for SMEs Tomoya Murakami

Try linking queries (ContactForm7) in WordPress to a Google Spreadsheet ~ CF7 Google Sheets Connector | IT Consultant for SMEs Tomoya Murakami

Contact form management

We receive inquiries from the inquiry form every day. However, 70% of inquiries are spam.

Even if I refuse to work with this company, they will change the person and keep asking me the details of my inquiry. Spam emails that come from inquiries are annoying because they cannot be classified as spam. suggestion! Or partner! When I listen to the content of emails complaining about me, I find that most of them are trying to push me or look for a server, which I don't like.

Apart from that, I also receive relevant inquiries, so I want to manage them. Well, I receive email notifications, so I respond to them, and the amount of inquiries is enough to keep up with my business, so I will create an inquiry management list.

There are plugins within WordPress that create a list, but there is a risk of losing all data if the plugin crashes, so this time I installed a plugin that supports Google Sheets.

Select a plugin, configure it, and connect it to Google Sheets

Install the plugin.

You have installed and activated the plugin.

The assignment is done from within ContactForm7

A Google Sheets object appears in ContactForm

Google authentication procedure.

Authenticate using Sing in with Google

Next, GoogleAccessCode will be entered and SAVE will complete the binding process.

Create a spreadsheet

Name the file, enter the date and time of the inquiry first, and then enter the elements of the inquiry form. Align them with the names of the CotactForm setting items below.

This is the name of the item in my inquiry form. it is easy.

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Set Google Sheets for ContactForm7.

  • ① GoogleSheetName → File name (I chose Contact7)
  • ② GoogleSheetID → Sheet ID
  • ③ GoogleSheetTabName → Tab Name (Sheet Name)
  • ④ GoogleTagID →Tab ID

②④ Taken from spreadsheet URL.

So I tried adding it.

I saved it and finally clicked on GoogleSheetLink.

Quick test

Please contact us using the inquiry form

Reflected in the spreadsheet

This was reversed within a few seconds. You did it. I have the date and time.

What I want to do more

I want to assign serial numbers to my inquiry form, so I installed a plugin that assigns serial numbers. I would like to cooperate with this number as well. Alternatively, I'm wondering if it's possible to do this through the CF7 Google Sheets Connector without using this plugin.I wonder if I can move it around in the spreadsheet?

In such a place

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