May 30, 2024


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Tribuna Expresso: Great Games | When will Braga be the real contender for the title? Around 2028, Carlos Carvalhalle predicts

With the centralization of television rights in 2028 and with greater financial capacity for both, Sporting de Braga will have “more than just conditions to fight for the national football title,” coach Carlos Carvalhall said today.

In an interview with NEXT, the club’s television, the coach who won the third Portuguese Cup in Braga’s history on Sunday, assumed beating Benfica 2-0, “decoding” the words of President Antonio Salvador, when he said Sporting de Braga would be favorites to win the title when he owns 50 percent. Of the proceeds from the “Big Three” and 20,000 people in home matches.

“In 2028 there will be centralization of television rights and the money will be distributed more equitably. At that time, Sporting de Braga will have more financial and employment capabilities and will not need to sell its assets. It is about ‘the block’ and the investment capacity, and if it reaches A level higher than it is today, Sporting de Braga will have more conditions to fight for the title. I have no doubt at all, ”he said.

Looking forward to the new season, Carlos Carvalhall said he expects to “build a balanced team again” because given the need for “financial balance”, “there will always be exits, and there are also entrances.”

“The team loses its best players, without a doubt, it gets new players, and this year [2021/22] “We will have to make some investment, unlike last year, maybe 50 percent of selling any player will allow the team to be strengthened and to achieve this sustainable growth,” he said.

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The coach also supported the call for more fans to support the team in Estádio Municipal de Braga.

“I think there will be a boom in people and companies that will communicate with the club. There may be more institutional support, companies, people, that is possible, and there is room for growth. It is not the team alone that I have to develop, I can also respond to criticism, if We have to fight for the title, we will bring more fans and more companies to the stadium, this has to fill in and I think this will happen at Sporting de Braga, ”he said.

In a review of the season that ended days ago, the coach considered that “it was one of the most complete seasons for Sporting de Braga in 100 years of history”, highlighting the way in the Portuguese Cup which he won in. The League Cup, which reached the World Cup Finals, and in the European League, it passed the group stage and was eliminated by the team that reached the semi-finals, Roma.

“In the tournament, we managed to achieve the minimum, but within this, according to the generality of my coaches and almost all the critics, we played the best football in Portugal, and that was almost unanimous. Nobody played with the intensity that we played Europe and the people had no idea what it was. Adding to all of that, if it’s not the best season ever for Sporting de Braga, then it’s one of the best seasons in its entirety, “he emphasized.

Carlos Carvalal admitted that the defeats at home to Benfica (2-0) and Sporting (1-0) were the decisive “jabs” that emptied the “Ballon” and the illusion of fighting for the second and third places, and since then, the team management’s focus has become on the Portuguese Cup final. .

Regarding the fans’ criticism of the last third of the tournament, the coach left a message that “it may be better to remain silent because we have won the Portuguese Cup.”

“Nowadays, the minority is always the loudest. You have 80 percent of the people next to you, who support you, and 20 percent criticize, under the circumstances, make noise, because they are more emotional. My call is that 80% of the more rational people who also speak up, And those who express their opinion in the least good times, who make noise and make a positive impact, and do not let the most emotional minority of fans care to form an opinion, and he said that this may lead to some disturbances and this is not positive for the difference, it leads to imbalances. “