November 26, 2022


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TikTok Algorithm for Sale: ByteDance AI Markets

The TikTok algorithm is no longer a secret. ByteDance, the company behind the app, has started selling TikTok AI to interested companies.

Thanks to TikTok’s sophisticated algorithm, users like to spend several hours at a time in the app. By taking into account factors such as user interactions, video information, and device settings, this ensures that users are presented almost exclusively with content that matches their interests. TikTok first revealed the secrets of the recommendation algorithm in June 2020. And now the app’s AI system will be made available to other companies as well, As reported by the Financial Times,.

BytePlus markets algorithm, real-time effects, and more

ByteDance, the group behind TikTok, has created a new AI system marketing division. This is called BytePlus and it is sold out According to the official website In addition to the algorithm, augmented reality effects, translation features, and data analysis tools.

Buyers can use the recommendation algorithm and customize it for their apps and customers. Selling TikTok jobs is another way for ByteDance to secure itself financially – even if the app’s growth seems to have no end yet.

No Comment from ByteDance

Previous BytePlus customers include US fashion app Goat, Indonesian shopping company Chilibeli and travel website WeGo. ByteDance has not yet commented on this. It remains to be seen which companies will seize the opportunity to acquire the technology behind the popular TikTok algorithm. One thing is for sure: the algorithm pulls users under its spell. Because in 2021, TikTok can secure the number one position in the most popular apps worldwide.

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