December 2, 2023


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Intelligent heating and air conditioning control for smart home | heating technology | Technique

To date, one console has regulated the heating, the second is shading and the third is light. networks? nothing. The collaboration between Danfoss and Somfy is now ready to change that. By integrating the Danfoss Icon underfloor heating control system into Somfy’s TaHoma DIN Rail smart home control center, the companies want to offer a complete package that enables grid control of heating, shading, lighting and other parts of building technology. This is not only convenient, but also brings efficiency advantages: the Somfy opening detector automatically turns off the heating via the Danfoss icon as soon as the window is opened. This reduces energy loss through ventilation. If a Danfoss Icon room thermostat is also installed in conjunction with a Somfy Sunis io sun sensor, TaHoma opens blinds or blinds in winter when the sun is shining and regulates heating – this saves heating energy and uses solar energy to heat rooms.

Danfoss Icon is a room control platform for hydraulic underfloor heating and cooling. A room thermostat is like a light switch that fits in any interior. The modular concept of MCUs provides advanced control options including wired and wireless thermostats. The room temperature can be adjusted according to the time of day and energy can be saved. Due to product compatibility, the Danfoss Icon main controller can be integrated into the TaHoma user interface via Somfy’s ZigBee 3.0 module in TaHoma DIN Rail. The TaHoma DIN Rail smart home gateway is installed on the top hat rail of the switch cabinet. The TaHoma app can be used to power and connect about 200 devices around the home. Users can also save recurring scenarios. Since the products follow the same calendar, they automatically adjust their interactions and thus are easy to use.

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The result of combining Danfoss and Somfy solutions is a smart home with smart air conditioning. This means that smart homes and apartments that are energy efficient and easy to use can be achieved. The TaHoma DIN rail with Zigbee unit can be obtained from an electrician, Danfoss Icon from the plumbing trade. Somfy’s Smart Home Service can also be delegated to provide support and help users operate the TaHoma DIN train and connect it to Danfoss products. In addition to the Somfy io coolant thermostat, the Danfoss Ally coolant thermostat can also be controlled via TaHoma.