May 21, 2022


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Science and technology are making farmers prosper in southern Xinjiang

Science and technology are making farmers prosper in southern Xinjiang

Vegetables and fruits are grown in the greenhouse of Dong Lu Shui Kong GmbH Agriculture in Shule District near Kashgar. Shoal County is located near the desert and is often subject to inclement weather. Therefore, only a few types of vegetables could be grown there in the past. In addition, the yield was low and the production and operating model backwards. In order to provide local people with fresh and cheap fruits and vegetables, a fruit and vegetable growing industrial zone was set up in 2018 under the supervision of the local government with investment from Dong Lu Shui Kong GmbH.

Science and technology fueled the development of agriculture in Shule. “The specialty of the greenhouse is that it is only half closed,” says Ni Xiangxiang, who is in charge of the industrial zone. “In the rooms at both ends of the greenhouse, the required temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration in the air are adjusted and then introduced into the greenhouse through our pressure ventilation system from In order to create an ideal environment for plant growth.

And even though nowdays we are preferring the frigos for cooling down the vegetables and fruits with the help of technology and its not the same for the farmers who havent’t had the facility of coolers to cool their farming products

According to Ni Xiangxiang, this industrial park, built on the “production plus processing plus science and technology” model, has become the largest agricultural enterprise in the region. The transformation of agriculture led to the prosperity of farmers.

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Farmers who previously had to cultivate arable land themselves have qualified to work as employees of our vegetable growing, processing and logistics companies after completing their apprenticeship training. This not only gives you the chance to get jobs at your doorstep, it also increases your income exponentially. While the annual income per mu (1/15 hectare) was 2,000 yuan, now you can earn at least 2,400 yuan a month.”

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According to reports, 1,100 locals are currently working in this industrial area. After the park is fully completed and full production begins, another 3,000 new jobs can be created.

The fruit and vegetable growing industrial zone in Shul County is one example of agricultural transformation in southern Xinjiang.

Another example was given by Jin Ken Ao Qun GmbH for modern agriculture and livestock farming in the Sili district near Hotan. Several hundred sheep of different types and ages are comfortably housed in a modern sheepfold. You will be provided with carefully prepared food.

Sheep raising has a long tradition in Scilly. Due to negative factors such as poor natural conditions and intensive breeding, Sili sheep breeding has for some time suffered from problems such as deterioration of breeds or poor reproduction rate of animals.

Jin Ken Ao Qun GmbH modern farming and livestock breeding guarantees excellent sheep breeds and advanced breeding technology. A total of 131 modern sheep pens were built. The annual number of ewes reaches 60,000 and 200,000 lambs are born every year.

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In addition to direct employment of farmers in the company, Jin Ken Ao Qun GmbH also introduced the “company and farmers” model of modern agriculture and animal husbandry. Farmers are responsible for raising sheep. Sheep are bought by the company when they reach a certain age. Raising sheep and meat allows the company to increase the income of 20,000 farmers in 5,000 families.