September 26, 2022


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"Thunderbird 102.1.1" released - Several bugs related to OpenPGP, POP3, NNTP have been fixed - Mado no Mori

“Thunderbird 102.1.1” released – Several bugs related to OpenPGP, POP3, NNTP have been fixed – Mado no Mori

「Thunderbird」 v102.1.1

The open source email client ‘Thunderbird’ v102.1.1 was released on August 8 (US time). After deleting a key in “OpenPGP Key Manager”, the selected key is now erased, and the following errors are fixed.

  • Update popup notification may still appear after switching desktop workspaces in a Linux environment
  • Thunderbird may not be usable due to macOS display issues
  • OpenPGP public key is not automatically attached even if encryption is enabled Remember if default is ‘No encryption’
  • Failed to import OpenPGP keys stored in binary format
  • Failed to export OpenPGP public key from account settings
  • Saving an encrypted OpenPGP attachment creates a corrupted file
  • Thunderbird may crash when receiving too many OpenPGP keys in one email
  • POP3 message download progress bar does not appear
  • OAuth2 authentication may not work if the email domain does not match the domain of the OAuth provider
  • OAuth may not work with some POP servers
  • RSS feed URL links may not be enabled in the header panel through the keyboard
  • A self-signed TLS certificate may not work for POP3 connections
  • Passwords containing non-ASCII characters may not work with POP3 connections
  • Error not displayed when incorrect password is entered for POP3 account
  • NNTP articles are not displayed in the preview pane if the primary password is set
  • Unable to download NNTP articles if the server hostname is not all lowercase
  • Failed to save NNTP messages to local disk
  • Drag and drop from the address book to the compose window may add unexpected contacts to the target
  • The ‘default’ label may not appear in emails when editing a contact
  • The Contact Address, Role, and Organization fields may appear in the wrong order
  • Contacts with birthdays on February 29 may not display correctly in non-leap years
  • Improved image detection in vCards
  • It is not possible to drag and drop contacts into other address books
  • Contacts saved in the Google CardDAV address book have additional backslashes in the text fields
  • Contacts without first/last name/display name may appear empty in the contact list
  • Automatic attachment of vCards and OpenPGP keys may not work as expected
  • CPU overload when opening settings page
  • The calendar may not respect the date and time format for your settings.
  • OpenPGP key import wizard is not adapted to dark theme
  • Various visual and thematic improvements
  • Various access improvements
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No security fixes were announced.

Thunderbird 102 is a free software that welcomes donations for Windows/Mac/Linux, Windows version is available on Windows 7 or later. Currently, it can be downloaded from the official website “”. The Windows version can also be downloaded from the Windows Forest Library. Users of “Thunderbird 102” series can update with auto update function.

Please note that you cannot update directly from “Thunderbird 91” series at this time.