May 19, 2022


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Apple services have been down for hours - problem fixed

Apple services have been down for hours – problem fixed

Apple with problems

Many of the company’s services could not be accessed.

(Photo: dpa)

Cupertino There was an hour-long outage in critical online services on Monday an AppleAnnoyed customers. Among other things, the App Store, streaming services Apple Music, Apple TV + as well as the streaming platform and iTunes Store could not be accessed to download various content, the iPhone lineup’s system status page showed. The bug was only fixed more than 2 hours after the first user reports were sent.

At first there was no official information on the possible causes. According to information from Bloomberg Financial Service, Apple has clarified the disruption internally with DNS issues. DNS (Domain Name System) systems ensure that computers are associated with web addresses. DNS configuration errors are often the cause of disruptions.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s internal systems were also disabled, which meant that some of the company’s employees were also unable to work. Apple’s email service, map service, and iMessage chat service sometimes don’t work for users.

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