June 18, 2024


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This is how Stephen King thinks about smart technology

This is how Stephen King thinks about smart technology

Maine (USA) – Stephen King (75) He is not afraid of the rise of artificial intelligence. And that in spite of learning technology Served as an award-winning writer. But AI still has a lot to learn for the author of “It” to view it as a competitor.

Author Stephen King, 75, finds it futile to resist the rise of artificial intelligence. Technology also uses its intellectual property. © Ivan Agostini/Invision/AP/dpa

The real question is: Can AI read, understand, and interpret texts with the same depth as a human?

According to Stephen King, even human writers have to do this if they want to write well.

Like a news portal inside As I mentioned, the crime and horror writer commented in the articleStephen King: My books have been used to train AIOn his view of smart technology, he revealed: He’s not worried yet.

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King wouldn’t stop AI from using his scripts to learn how to write better, either: “Can I stop computers from ‘learning’ my stories (if that’s the word for it)? Even if I could,” says the author.

Artificial intelligence is simply not equal to human intellectual and creative capacity.


The Guild of American Authors says no to artificial intelligence

The writers also joined the US writers’ strike that began last May over lack of pay and threats from artificial intelligence. © Angela Weiss/AFP

An open letter against tech giants: No signature from Stephen King

Masters of Horror: Stephen King’s books have been on bestseller lists for decades. So it’s no wonder he’s not afraid of AI. © Jens Kalini/DPA

According to King, the poems that AI creates are “like play money: good at first glance, not so great on closer examination”.

More than 8,000 authors have already signed one An open letter from the Authors Guild of the United States (Authors Syndicate), where they demanded that AI companies be compensated for using and ceasing to use their work without the consent of the authors.

The letter targets tech CEOs like OpenAI’s Sam Altman or Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg. However, it is useless to search for Stephen King’s signature in dozens of pages of authors’ names.

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And the 75-year-old believes it makes no sense to stop tech companies from allowing their AI programs to learn from his work.

King wrote, “I might as well be King Canute stopping the tide. Or a fool trying to stop industrial progress by wrecking the steam loom to pieces.”

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