February 28, 2024


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These games will be released in 2024

These games will be released in 2024

Netflix wants to significantly expand its efforts in gaming next year. Among other things, a game from the “Squid Game” series should help in this.

Just two years ago Netflix launched its gaming section. The Netflix Games effort is still “early in our journey,” but there has been “substantial progress” in the past year. explains Mike Verdo, Vice President of Gaming.

Next year, the streaming service wants to expand its gaming efforts even further. Among other things, games based on the hit Netflix series will also be released.

This is what Netflix Games is planning for 2024

In the past two years, Netflix has released 40 games. Next year, Netflix wants to double the number.

86 games should be available by the end of 2024. This is also independent of the subscription in question. Because the games will be “included with every Netflix membership.”

We’re committed to building a diverse and broad selection so all of our members can find the game they love on Netflix.

You can look forward to these games in 2024

Netflix particularly relies on the success of existing movies and series for its games. “Netflix wants to help its members discover the shows, movies, and games they love,” Verdoux explains.

There will also be a game inspired by the Netflix series “Virgin River.” But a game from the “Squid Game” universe is also scheduled for release in 2024.

These are the other games set to debut on Netflix in 2024:

  • Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit
  • FashionVerse
  • Dave Tycoon game
  • Sonic Mania Plus
  • Chicken run: extract eggs
  • Dragon Prince: Exadia
  • Stupid ways to survive
  • Hades
  • Harmonium: musical

Netflix Games wants to expand availability

Netflix also wants to bring its games to more devices next year. Game testing on TVs and PCs is scheduled to expand in the US, UK and Canada in 2024.

According to Verdu, the streaming service’s long-term vision is to “make games playable on every device.”

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