June 28, 2022


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【▲ アルマ望遠鏡(ALMA)と超大型望遠鏡(VLT)が観測した渦巻銀河「NGC 1087」(Credit: ESO/ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/PHANGS)】

The star formation site of the spiral galaxy was captured by radio waves. European Southern Observatory reveals images | sorae Portal site to space

[▲ المجرة الحلزونية “NGC 1087” التي رصدتها ALMA والتلسكوب الكبير جدًا (VLT) (Credit: ESO / ALMA (ESO / NAOJ / NRAO) / PHANGS)]

This is about 80 million light-years away in the direction of Cetus.Spiral galaxy “NGC 1087”What distinguishes spiral galaxies is that they surround a bright central part.spiral arm (spiral arm)However, in this image, the swirling arms of NGC 1087 appear to be shining red in places, as if they were on fire.

According to the European Southern Observatory (ESO), which published the photo, thisFalse-coloured fiery reddone,molecular cloudCorresponds to the place where it is located (cold gas and dust collection).Molecular clouds are the site of star formation activity where new stars are bornInvestigating their properties leads to a deeper understanding of star formation in galaxies.

This image of NGC 1087 is an observing project targeting galaxies in the nearby universe.「PHANGS」Obtained as part of Physics at High Angular Resolution in Near GalaxieS. In this project, high-resolution observations using electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths were made over five years in order to understand star formation in galaxies. Observations of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA)Hubble Space TelescopeChilean radio telescopes“Alma”also at ESO at the Paranal Observatory in ChileVery Large Telescope (VLT)Involved.

The observational data for the molecular clouds used in the images were obtained with the ALMA telescope. ALMA TelescopeRadio waves emitted by carbon monoxide moleculesThrough the capture, the distribution of molecular clouds in various galaxies is imaged. The image of NGC 1087 used in the background is the VLT’s Wide Field Spectrophotometer monitor.“Meditation”obtained using . The inaugural image, arguably a collaboration between the ALMA Telescope and VLT, was released on June 6, 2022 as one of this week’s ESO.


[▲ ظهور NGC 1087 (Credit: ESO / PHANGS) المكتسبة باستخدام جهاز المراقبة الطيفية واسع المجال “MUSE” للتلسكوب الكبير جدًا (VLT)]

Connection:Large-design spiral galaxy “M99” taken by the Hubble Space Telescope


  • Image Credit: ESO / ALMA (ESO / NAOJ / NRAO) / PHANGS
  • it’s a – curled snake

Text / Matsumura Takehiro

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