November 27, 2022


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What is the identity of the red flash? NASA’s Citizen Science Project Sets Out to Elucidate Mysterious Phenomena | Sorae Space Portal

[▲ الصفحة الأولى من مشروع علوم المواطن “” الذي يجمع معلومات عن الكائنات الحية (مصدر الصورة:]

Not only professional astronomers, but also amateur astronomers are active in the search and discovery of celestial bodies and suddenly appearing phenomena such as supernovae, supernovae and comets, and are published in journals and published in the news. These general scientific activitiesCitizen science (citizen science)It is called and sometimes contributes to the development of sciences including astronomy.

Connection: The discovery of 10,000 new variable stars in the activity of the Milky Way and the predictions of the astronomical citizen

This citizen science project was recently launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).Project name“my soul”he is. What is sprytacular“flash”“Elf” means“It’s like…”A polished word from the plural of “-tacular” which means in the event of a lightning strike, the projectAltitude about 80 kmOccurs at (about 50 miles)“Sprite (Red Sprite)”Call“Transient Luminous Event: TLE”It is said that the purpose is to collect monitoring data

Connection: High-speed video shot at 100,000 frames per second to capture the animation creation process

Over the past 20 years, high-quality cameras have become increasingly affordable, and tools that document powerful atmospheric phenomena have become accessible to the general public. Against this background,In order to serve as a bridge not only for the community that is already actively seeking orcs, but also for those who want to learn more about this phenomenon, researchers of electrical phenomena in the atmosphere and space, etc. Project has been createdIt is a pattern.

“Sprite” was accidentally shot during TV camera testing

sprite isA luminous phenomenon that occurs as a red flash after a lightning strikehe is. To take different shapes“scattered feathers”or“spiral tendril”It appears to be described as such. The first report of the phenomenon waslate nineteenth centuryreturn toIn 1989forResearchers at the University of Minnesota, USA, accidentally captured a ghost image while testing a low-light TV camera.she did. Since then, research has progressedThere are many unresolved questions about the frequency of generation of symbols, the conditions of generation, and why inscriptions can take different’s called.


[تم التقاط العفريت في ضواحي أثينا ، اليونان في 4 ديسمبر 2021 (مصدر الصورة: Thanasis Papathanasiou)]

Sprytacular ProjectThe direct purpose is to create a database of lead orcsIt is if you want to take pictures of imps and collaborate in the search,project pageCreate an account and submit your photos.Images are reviewed by scholars and discussed with the submitter before being published in a paper with the submitter as co-author… it seems …


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