While the hardware market is still fighting the battle for the best next-generation console, both Sony and Microsoft are trying to stay on top with popular gaming brands.

On Xbox, for example, people like to refer to Liebling Halo or secure a new interesting horror IP address for their console with The Medium (Blooper Team). GSC Game World’s Stalker 2 will be released exclusively for the new Xbox Series X and its younger sibling Xbox Series S. It doesn’t look like a PS5 release is currently planned, but Game Pass subscribers can look forward to it: Stalker 2 should be free to play on release day.

This is currently discussed in the press and is now visible to everyone on the homepage of the Ukrainian game developer. The Stalker series or the STALKER series is hugely popular, and the three games released so far, with their unconventional mix of shooter, survival and role-playing games, have won a massive fanbase that has been eager for a new hunt game since the latter part (2009).

GSC Game World announced the second part with Stalker 2 for the first time in mid-2011 and began production. But by the end of the year, not enough funds had been raised for the project. In 2012, production was suspended for the time being. Then it was quiet for a long time around Stalker 2 until GSC Game World finally announced July 23, 2020 with good news and a first trailer. Stalker 2 should now appear. Planned release for this year.

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Stalker 2 Trailer

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