July 20, 2024


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Chamusca explains the Rixon Games in Botafogo: “As long as you understand it adds up, we’ll use it.”

Chamusca explains the Rixon Games in Botafogo: “As long as you understand it adds up, we’ll use it.”

Even with the contract expiring in less than a month, Rixon is going through a series of starting out in Botafogo. The midfielder kicked off a goalless draw against Nova Iguaçu, on Sunday evening, in the first match of the Rio Cup semi-final.

Rickson’s current bond with Botafogo continues until the end of May, which corresponds to the end of the Carioca tournament.

After the match, Marcelo Çamoska, at a press conference, made it clear that he intended to use the player regardless of the duration of the current contract. In the case of the number 28 jersey, the coach explained that the primary player had won such a sequence due to the need to place the steering wheel. On the other hand, it did not guarantee or confirm any kind of potential renewal attempt.

– The player has a contract, there is no directive not to use it. We have difficulty in position, we lost Kayque, Ricardinho … In the matches he entered, Rixon managed to maintain a good level and did a job that was not his, to be a first midfielder. We are in the recovery phase. Today we gave Romildo a few minutes, he has everything to grow. As long as the athlete has a contract with the club, we have difficulty and we understand that the player is adding, we will use it. There is no position directed at this. Now if we’re going to continue with that, it’s an analysis that is done every week – explained.

Rixon played 45 minutes in the Rio Cup semi-final, and Botafogo will return to the field next Sunday to face Nova Iguaçu and decide who will qualify for the final.

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