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Dying Light 2: New details for the upcoming zombie game

The Dying Light series hasn’t been easy on the German gaming market yet. Although the first part and its expansion, The Follow has a large fan base, the game is still on the benchmark in this country. Through a combination of the elements of first-person shooter, survival, and parkour, Polish developer Techland has created a very unique interpretation of a zombie apocalypse – the development team has been providing the game with new content since 2015.

Not surprisingly, there will be many players eagerly awaiting the second part of the series. Dying Light 2 was announced for 2021 after a relatively large delay last year, but no exact launch date has been announced. In the current AMA (Ask Me Anything) video, the developers are answering community questions. Lead game designer Tymon Smektala answers a selection of the most frequently asked questions.

Dying Light 2 FAQ

How big is the Dying Light 2 map?

Double the size of all Dying Light 1 maps together. I mean the favelas and the old city. This conversion would correspond to a size of 6 to 7 square kilometers in the real world. However, this will only take floor space into consideration, because in Dying Light 2 you will move a lot in homes and even in tall buildings, and the importance of vertical expansion also should not be underestimated.

New opponents

This new opponent really scares players.

In the trailer, you can also see zombies with various outgrowths on the back. Fans wanted to know what this guy is all about. The developers haven’t wanted to reveal much yet, as there should be more details about opponents in Dying Light 2 soon. This particular zombie is supposed to appear with his arms behind his back in various positions, among other things, related to the decisions you make in the game. In Dying Light 2, the game is supposed to interact dynamically with the actions of players – more on that later.

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Cycle day and night

Depending on the time of day, the number of infected people will also vary. Must be day for survivors and night for zombies. Therefore, the picture on the streets will change according to the time of day. But even if fewer and weaker zombies roam the streets during the day – you still need not to underestimate them, they could be a danger in the crowd. Loud fighting sounds not only attract injured people, but also other people and bandits – this is an added risk.

By the way, the developers explain the zombie behavior through solar radiation. As it is known from vampire-like personalities, sufferers avoid sunlight. In the video, it appears that the opponents are not just disappearing, by the way, they hide in dark places during the day. Loud noises can lure them out of their hiding place for a short time.

The survivors of Dying Light 2 built a new civilization on the rooftops of the city. The higher you go, the fewer pedestrians you will find there – at least during the day.

No more guns

Unlike the previous one, there should be almost no firearms in Dying Light 2. The game relies more on melee mechanics and allows you to come in direct contact with enemies. The developers explain this through a post-apocalyptic setting. Since the game takes place several years after a major outbreak, most of the weapons have already been destroyed or used. Due to the lack of a working industry, new professional weapons are no longer manufactured.

Of course, weapons should still be compact. Not much has been revealed in the video yet, but braces could potentially be an issue. There will also be a handcrafted type of rifle, which you will have to train yourself from different parts. There will be appropriate drafting mechanisms for this. A self-made weapon can be carried in the left hand with one hand, while a machete, sword, hammer, or other nearby combat weapon can be carried in the right hand.

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This should enable dynamic combination for both branches of the service. However, the gun can only handle a few shots and is relatively unreliable. So players will have to think hard about whether and when to use it.

Light Denny 2 Thugs
Life in a world full of zombies makes up survivors.

New dog hook

In Dying Light 1 there was a powerful grappling hook. With this one can relatively safely glide from house to house over long distances. This mechanic is now set to change. Even if the grapples had to be kept, they should now function more realistically and mechanically / physically. The developers compare the mechanics of the first part with Spider-Man, and that of the second part with Tarzan. So it would be a lesser firearm with which you can move yourself further away, the new grappling hook will likely be more like a liana to swing.

The developers promise that this will provide a very immersive gaming experience. The new hook should not only be a means of transportation, but there are combat mechanisms that make it a versatile tool.

Vehicles are not planned

Even if there is indeed a car in the trailer, movement on four wheels shouldn’t play a role in Dying Light 2. The integrated parkour elements should allow for faster and more exciting movement. The car should only be used at one point.

a sailing plane

Since Dying Light 2 is a fairly vertical game, players can enjoy the glider. With this you will be able to slide from heights.

Decisions and consequences

Dying Light 2 is designed to respond to players’ choices. This happens on three different levels. There are actions that will determine the main story and thus the outcome of the game. Then there are smaller contextual decisions in quests and side quests that have lasting consequences – for example, the NPC Rescue is mentioned, which later appears in Safe Zone.

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The third and final development option is the so-called “City Alignment System”. This mostly concerned the factions in Dying Light 2. If a faction occupied an area in the city, it would form it accordingly.

Death light 2 options
The choices will affect the game. Who will you shake hands with?

For example, if you support the Peacekeepers, they install various protective mechanisms and traps in town. If you’re on the side of other survivors, they’ll install aids like zip lines (zip lines), trampolines, and similar things to help you get around town.

This constitutes the city depending on the actions and belonging of the individual.

Urban diversity

Dying Light 2 is mainly located in a large city and thus will be largely urban. Like every big city, this also guarantees a scenic change. There will be two different fields. One will be reminded a little of the ancient city from Dying Light 1. The other area, such as the Inner City, will consist of many large skyscrapers. There will be seven different regions within these two large regions. These different factions are set according to the game’s path. The areas are visually embossed accordingly. Survivors give the districts a more civilian touch, and peacekeepers are turning regions into military bases. Depending on how you play, the cityscape also takes shape.

Dying Light 2 – Ask Me Anything – Episode 1 – Wiederholung: