June 14, 2024


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The Rothenburg Cardiovascular Center relies on innovative defibrillator technology

The Rothenburg Cardiovascular Center relies on innovative defibrillator technology

With Bluetooth technology

06/06/24 – The Rotenburg Cardiovascular Center (HKZ) was one of the first hospitals in the state of Hesse to implant a new type of defibrillator in a patient with severe arrhythmia, in which the heart beats too quickly. Medtronic's Crome™ Implantable Defibrillator (ICD) can securely and wirelessly connect to a doctor's tablet or patient's smartphone using Bluetooth technology.

Benjamin Albrecht, Head of the Department of Percussion at the HKZ Hospital in Rothenburg.

“These new devices provide seamless follow-up care for patients because the device and patient data are transferred to a smartphone or tablet and require fewer time-consuming hospital visits,” explains Benjamin Albrecht, Head of Cardiology in the Hong Kong Region. In daily clinical practice and during the implantation process, this means a completely new opportunity for doctors and nurses at HKZ Rotenburg to check and adjust ICD implants. Settings and programming can now be performed using the lightweight and portable Tablet Manager, managed by your physician.

Control with mobile device

For regular follow-up care, patients with a Crome implant can easily and directly stay connected to their doctor via their mobile device using the MyCareLink Heart™ app. This new technology means more flexibility and mobility for the patient in daily life: thanks to remote follow-up care, the patient becomes largely site-independent. This is a huge relief for both patients and the clinic providing follow-up care.

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Warnings regarding clinically relevant patient events can be automatically sent to the treating physician at an early stage via the MyCareLink Heart™ app. The doctor can then call the patient to the clinic immediately. Patients can view some health and device data in the app, as well as review completed or pending data transfers.

(HKI in Rothenburg).

Smartphone Application Patients can download the MyCareLink Heart™ application after consulting their cardiologist. Encryption to the bank's NIST* (National Institute of Standards and Technology) security standards and access restrictions are part of the security functionality to protect the implant, patient data, and communication.

Professor Dr. says: Markus Franz, Chief Physician of the Cardiovascular and Intensive Care Medicine Clinic and Medical Director of The Hong Kong Hospital. “The MyCareLink Heart app and Bluetooth-enabled implants enable patients to be more involved in their heart health and stay connected to their clinic using the technology they use every day,” Professor Franz adds. (Evening) +++