July 1, 2022


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The rally game "WRC Generations" will be released on October 13th.  Features new WRC (FIA World Rally Championship) regulations and Rally Sweden

The rally game “WRC Generations” will be released on October 13th. Features new WRC (FIA World Rally Championship) regulations and Rally Sweden

Nacon and Kylotonn Racing Games (KT Racing) are rally racing games「WRC」The latest in the series「WRC generationsPC / PS5 / Xbox Xbox X / PS4 / Xbox One) is under development andReleased October 13, 2022announced. The Steam store page has already been opened, and it became clear that it supports the Japanese language.

In the seventh year since the series’ launch, the company has released a new work, “WRC Generations,” which has no numbering.The most comprehensive, rugged and realistic rally simulation ever.She sings. At the 2022 WRC (FIA World Rally Championship), the technical regulations will be renewed and new regulations will be possible for the installation of hybrid engines.「Rally 1」has been added. WRC Generations will present a new mechanism for their reproduction. For example, it appears that new game mechanics will appear, such as battery management while changing a racing car’s engine mapping.

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In addition, it is the only full snow gathering at the WRC that has not been held continuously in recent years.Sweden RallyIt will appear in “Generations of the World Radiocommunication Conference” as it took place in February of this year. Among the 165 special stages prepared from 22 countries around the world, 6 types have been added from Umeå, Sweden, to make the championship season look more realistic and greatly modified to simulate driving in snowfields. It appears to have been added.

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In addition, 49 teams that participated in the Rally1 / Rally2 / Junior WRC for the WRC2022 season will appear, allowing players to create and manage teams as in the previous series. In addition, it is possible to customize the body of the car, share the unique colors and stickers created with the community, and an event is planned where an award for excellent work will be given. something. Details aren’t known yet, but League Mode is said to have been renewed as well, so let’s look forward to our follow-up report.

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