December 4, 2022


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The new National ID will be published from May 31

The new national ID card, which has been gradually deployed since March 15, 2021, will be available from May 31 in Haut-Rhin and Pas-Rennes.

Starting May 31, users will be able to request a new National Identity Card (CNI) in Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin. This device, which has been gradually deployed since March 15th in several experimental divisions, will be rolled out across France by August 2.

Its use remains unchanged and allows holders to prove their identity. This new card can also be used as a travel document, as some countries (European Union and non-European) accept it in the same way as a passport. Its new format is coordinated coordination at the European level.

The size of the bank card

The current form of the national identity card dates back to 1995. With the development of modern technology, an increasing number of fraudulent ID cards are in circulation, says the County of Haut-Rhin. More than 33,000 French people are subjected to identity theft every year. In 2020, security forces intercepted nearly 9,000 people with forged documents and dismantled about thirty criminal networks.

This CNI will be more practical for users (the size of the bank card, while still being able to indicate two addresses on the back for children in an alternate place of residence with their parents, etc.). It will also be more innovative and safer to fight identity theft (integrating nanotechnologies, etched chip ensuring optimum data protection, etc.) and will see its design modernized. More modern for sure, it would also be more comprehensive, with relief elements that allow the visually impaired to distinguish between them.

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It is valid for 10 years

The new ID will be valid for 10 years. The old national identity cards will remain valid throughout their validity period and at most until August 2031. The current procedure that must be followed to obtain the national identity card has not changed:

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