May 21, 2024


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Di Giannantonio (Ducati): “Crazy with technology” / Motorcycles

Di Giannantonio (Ducati): “Crazy with technology” / Motorcycles

The closer the official announcement of the new MotoGP ruleset gets, the more open discussions will become about future MotoGP technology. Fabio Di Giannantonio strongly rejects most new ideas.

The countdown is on. In a few days, there will be official clarity on the future MotoGP technology rules that have been negotiated in the MotoGP Grand Prix Committee for a long time. The proposed changes receive a lot of support in the ring, but are also discussed controversially in some cases.

Hardly any dissenting voices can be heard about the most likely limitation of displacement to just 850cc. There is widespread agreement among MotoGP teams that a drop in performance of around 15 percent is justified. In practical terms, the implementation would mean reducing the engine's maximum power from about 300 hp today to about 250 hp at its peak. But it is also a fact that peak performance today is only achieved for a fraction of the acceleration phase under full load via sophisticated electronic engine control. Massive peak performance only plays a role in specific performance methods.

Future bans on certain electronic driving aids, particularly the ride height device, are more controversial. The same applies to the significant limitations of the aerodynamic assemblies. These are not only very complex and therefore expensive to develop, but also require a significant increase in cornering speeds and thus the risk of falling.

Old-school motorcycle pilots mostly welcome the proposed measures. Recently in Jerez, Dani Pedrosa, the Spanish grandmaster and KTM test rider, spoke out in favor of scrapping such items. In keeping with the “return to the roots” philosophy, the highly experienced 38-year-old Pedrosa wants the driver to be more focused.

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On the other hand, Ducati rider Fabio Di Giannantonio takes a completely different approach. As an exemplary representative of the new generation, the 25-year-old is penning a declaration of love to the current MotoGP models. “In my opinion, it couldn't be better for MotoGP riders than today. I will never say goodbye to these machines voluntarily. Honestly – a MotoGP motorcycle should be a pure prototype. Everything should be possible. MotoGP for me is the ultimate possible expression of all the engineering arts.

The VR46 pupil, who was recently quickest in the one-day test in Jerez, goes further: “I feel crazy with joy when I stand in front of my motorcycle and interact with technology. It's absolutely crazy, the incredible power, all these electronic functions, devices and possibilities, I love it.” “I think this is what MotoGP should be, Formula 1 on two wheels.”

Despite the healthy assessment of the risks, Diggia stands by its assessment: “I admit that the technology also has drawbacks and we have to be careful so that the supply does not suffer as a result. One effect is that overtaking on bikes has become more complicated. But nevertheless, as a driver For these bikes, I would never want to do anything different again!”