June 9, 2023


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‘The Last of Us’ Multiplayer Development Delayed, Brand New Single Player Action In Development | EAA!! FPSjp.net

The long-awaited multiplayer version of “The Last of Us” announced on Twitter that developer Naughty Dog has changed its policy.


A multiplayer version of The Last of Us needs time

This past June, Naughty Dog announced that it was working on a multiplayer game for The Last of Us, and released concept art for the survival game set in San Francisco. However, Naughty Dog suddenly updated its official Twitter on May 27, JST. As we continued to develop the multiplayer version of The Last of Us, we realized we needed more time.All-new single playerIt was announced that development would continue with other titles incl.

Minimize development?

Following Naughty Dog’s statement, Bloomberg announced that SONY has asked Naughty Dog to release a multiplayer version of The Last of Us.Development suspensionI commanded you toa report. Naughty Dog’s surprising statement appeared to be in response to Bloomberg’s request for comment.

According to four people who asked not to be identified in response to the Bloomberg interview, “The development wasn’t canceled, but several development members moved on to other projects.”

Bungee Grill Multi Edition Donkey Head?

According to reports, when Bungie, which was acquired by Sony last year, evaluated the multiplayer version of “The Last of Us,”Not attractive enough to keep players around for long periods of timeSony decided to reduce the volume of development.

Bungie was praised for its ability to run live-service-type games in “Destiny 2,” and was acquired by SONY last year for roughly 412.4 billion yen. “Destiny 2” Season 21 “Season of the Abyss” started this week, and the number of concurrent connections has exceeded 1.3 million per day, which is the most-played game on Steam today.the third placea job.

It may be natural for SONY to react when Bungie raises questions about the ability to attract customers to the multiplayer version of “The Last of Us”. Bungie is a SF PvP escape shooter game”marathon]has been announced.

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source: naughty dogAnd bloomberg

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