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The Impossible 'Pikmin Bloom' Screen Operation!?  Sapporo's journey in a special environment was a journey to reaffirm the calling of Pikubu[Playlog#193]|  Famitsu Smartphone Game Information App

The Impossible ‘Pikmin Bloom’ Screen Operation!? Sapporo’s journey in a special environment was a journey to reaffirm the calling of Pikubu[Playlog#193]| Famitsu Smartphone Game Information App

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Bikmin Bloom

A special experience that allowed me to focus on walking

From August 5-7, 2022, a large real event “GO Fest 2022” was held in Sapporo using “Pokemon GO” from Niantic.

August 5th-8th I went to the site with a schedule of 4 days and 3 nights to cover it.

Fukatsuan, a freelance writer who finished his main purpose on the sixth day, decided to spend the next day, the seventh, walking around Sapporo while playing Pikmin Bloom.

This time, playing record 193, we brought back the day’s situation by Fukatsu, who had a hard time playing due to the problem that occurred a little earlier.

What were you doing when most operations were impossible?

We will summarize special experiences that confirmed the magic of this work.

*As of August 15, 2022, the issue is resolved at that time*


The worst started a week before the expedition

With about two weeks left of our coverage in Sapporo, we were gathering data to decide on a concrete plan.shut down in secondsA problem occurs.

Reinstall the application, restart the smartphone, clear the cache, etc.I’ve tried it everywhereBut it does not work.

I tweeted the current situation to see if there was any solution, but couldn’t get more info than I tried.

Report the situation formally. Different exchanges begin towards the solution.

I managed to run some tests until I got to Sapporo.On the day the situation did not changewelcome

pikublogsapporo02 write

Reaffirming the professional hiking style of play

Because it will shut down in a few seconds,I can barely put seedlings and run errands

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Mushrooms can also be regulated as a minimum if you choose ‘random’Not in time for the ‘GO’ button

Easy process of picking flowers from Pikmin 6 times5 minutes or more to completeWith dozens of repeated shutdownsCollect the petals little by little as if they were carvingan act.

It is a case when it is time to start planting flowers and using detectors.

When did you come this fartime attack

After facing this environment for about two weeks,The practical skills have also become very intense

This is when the idea came to me“planting flowers”I startedleave the rest. The ‘mission’ will be closed after returning to the hostel.Plan to draw the gap and patiently collect ithe is.

Originally, this workYou can enjoy it just by carrying itsomething.

If you can grow flowers, that’s enough.

And also on the sixth of the dayIt is also scheduled to move forward with the “entry” site at the same timeAnd the way to walk isGet in touch withThere is no need to watch this work from.

When you start growing flowers, you can seriously stop itWalk with PikminFor this.

pikublogsapporo05 write
pikublogsapporo06 write
pikublogsapporo07 write

Cruel missions for Pikmin

Odori Park in Sapporo“100 Japanese Roads”or“100 Historical Parks in Japan”A famous place chosen for

Not only does it attract a lot of tourists, but it is also an ideal environment for children to play.

pikublogsapporo08 write
pikublogsapporo09 write
pikublogsapporo10 write
pikublogsapporo19 writing

I couldn’t do anything other than switch petals, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from seedlings and fruits.

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I would be glad if one of them appears in my memory

This is how I felt, but…

Then while fighting shutdownAll errands done until morning

The next day, the only thing I didn’t havedeco feather airportAt New Chitose AirportInvest 13 detectorsIt’s a shame we didn’t meet though.

After returning home, a large amount of seedlings and fruits appeared using the detectorSaitama instructs the plural.that theyI’ve been coming back one by one from last night to today.This is the situation.

To be honest, I want to collect them more often and replace seedlings more and more.

There were more things I couldn’t do, but I just relaxed and casually enjoyed myself.original styleIt was great to be able to reconfirm

As I mentioned at the beginning, thisLocking issue fixedhe did.

Fukatsu has been around for about two weeks, but it looks like there’s already been a player with this problem for a long time.

If the same symptomsPeople who left PikukatsuIf you are around“Solved”I want you to tell me!!

pikublogsapporo15 write
pikublogsapporo16 write

⇒ “Pikmin Bloom” play diary summary

PN Fukatsuan
*Click here to Twitter Fukatsuan

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