August 15, 2022


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The hydrogen scooter from BMW Partner TVS |

BMW G 310 models are manufactured at TVS in India, TVS also acquired the English motorcycle brand Norton. The latest development in India is the fuel cell scooter.

The iQube electric scooter from TVS, which can be pre-ordered in India, is still fairly new. Prices: converted from about 1400 euros. Deliveries of the top version of the iQube ST, which will operate at speeds above 80 km/h and have a range of 145 km, are scheduled to begin in August 2022. With a capacity of 4.5 kWh in the battery pack.

A fuel cell instead of a battery

The next advancement appears to be a fuel cell version, which is currently being developed at TVS. A big advantage of fuel cell technology: Hydrogen is refueled within a few minutes, as was previously the case with gasoline, which means the batteries do not need to be charged for hours. A relatively simple arrangement of components can be seen in the now-leaked patent drawing: Two hydrogen gas tanks are almost vertical under the handlebars, covered with plastic cladding, and the fuel cell is more horizontal under the seat. There is also a small battery for the onboard electronics and for temporary storage of electro-generated electricity, as well as an electric motor close to the rear driven wheel.

Set up as simply as possible

The development specification here is likely to be “easy to assemble and repair”, as this is the only way to obtain the new technology with a chance of acceptance by Indian and Asian target groups. Some basic requirements for this have yet to be established, above all a network of a filling station for hydrogen, which is highly volatile and therefore difficult to transport and store. In addition, it must be clarified how to generate hydrogen, whether it is “green”, i.e. a sustainable solution that not only reduces CO2 emissions locally, but can also be persuasive in the general analysis.

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A fuel cell probably from Bosch

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but German supplier Bosch may also be involved in such developments. This year Bosch celebrates the centenary of its activities in India, produces locally and is also a supplier of many two wheeler motorized vehicles made in India.

opinion poll

If so, then only a powerful electric motorcycle.

I can imagine an electric scooter for commuting and city traffic.

The maneuverable mini electric bike is definitely fun.


An exciting development likely to be tested first in India by BMW’s partner TVS. Motorcycles and scooters with fuel cells could later follow in Europe. Big advantage: No hours of charging batteries.