December 2, 2023


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The gaming accessories you need for PC gaming

The gaming accessories you need for PC gaming

Even the most powerful gaming PC is useless if you don’t have the right equipment. TECHBOOK explains what hardware you need and what to look for.

Sure, you usually need a keyboard, mouse, headset, and maybe a controller to gamble. But if you’ve invested a lot of money in a gaming PC with powerful hardware, you shouldn’t skimp on accessories. There are a few things to consider for the best gaming experience.

The most important accessories for a gaming computer

TECHBOOK summarizes the most important accessories necessary for a well-balanced gaming setup. You can also read what to pay special attention to with individual devices.

The video gives you a brief summary of the most important information:

Keyboard – linear or touch?

Many gamers prefer keyboards with so-called mechanical switches. They can have different resistances and trigger points, as well as noticeable and audible clicks. As a general rule, linear switches are recommended for fast action games because they have little resistance and no tactile feedback. There is a whole host of linear switches that differ in resistance and key travel. The most popular are the red switches, especially the MX Red from the manufacturer Cherry, which have a resistance of about 46 grams of pressure and 4 millimeters of travel. This makes it run smoothly and quickly, which makes it ideal for games like shooters.

Professional gamers use keyboards with mechanical switches for precise inputPhoto: Getty Images

The tactile keys are suitable for other types of gaming and typing, especially the Cherry MX Brown. At 55 grams it has slightly more resistance and a noticeable firing point.

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A gaming mouse needs a good sensor

With a gaming mouse, a good sensor is more important than a high sampling rate (CPI). Despite the high CPI, cheap sensors can’t keep up with fast hand movements, which is why investing in a quality gaming mouse is worth it. Manufacturers like Razer, Pixart, Logitech, and Steelseries have good products on offer here. known sensors Series include PMW, PAW, Hero, and TrueMove.

Accessories for gaming computers
Some gaming mice offer the option of convenient customizationPhoto: Getty Images

It’s nice to know that with modern gaming mice equipped with high-quality sensors from well-known manufacturers, there is practically no difference between wired and wireless models. Modern wireless technologies reduce latency to a minimum, making dropouts a thing of the past. However, it should be noted that a wireless mouse, especially one with lighting, may need to be charged more frequently.

Controller as an alternative to mouse and keyboard

Controllers are also useful for many games to create a console feel. Console ports in particular work best with the console in question. Most factory models are compatible with Windows PCs, including Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It can be connected either via cable or bluetooth. Platforms such as Steam support a wide range of input options and can also make games designed for consoles compatible.

Having a high hertz number is mandatory for a monitor

In addition to resolution, the most important thing for a monitor is the refresh rate. Generally, 1440p is recommended for the popular size of about 27 inches. This makes the panel sharper than Full HD (1080p). However, a computer has to count fewer high-resolution images than a 4K monitor. In addition, the refresh rate is particularly important. This indicates how quickly the screen can update the image. The rate is given in Hz and the guideline must be at least 144 Hz – that’s 144 repetitions per second. For such monitors, it is important that the graphics card also outputs a corresponding number of frames per second (FPS) so that the display also has material to update.

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A headset to gamble with friends

When choosing a headset, it is important to pay attention to a good microphone if you want to play group games with friends. Many headsets support two separate channels for voice chat and in-game voice. The built-in headset microphone is usually sufficient for voice conversations. If you want to broadcast, you should invest in a dedicated microphone.

Additional accessories for computer games

Additional accessories are recommended if you want to broadcast your gaming sessions. This includes things like the Stream Deck for controlling scenes, media, audio sources or ring lights, and HD webcams for live broadcasts.

Last but not least, gaming in virtual reality (VR) requires a suitable headset. Many models can now be connected wirelessly to a computer and no longer require fixed sensors. There should only be space to move freely.