April 18, 2024


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It’s probably the coolest, smartest TV a gamer can imagine

It’s probably the coolest, smartest TV a gamer can imagine

Source: Pixabay

Main cinema tour: Imagine walking into the living room in the morning, half asleep, to start your day with a caffeinated cup of Melita. But suddenly your widescreen TV turned into a bulky Nintendo Switch overnight!

Not only that: the drawers open to the side of the XXL Switch – and inside are classic Nintendo consoles. Probably a dream come true for a very lucky person.

From the Super Nintendo to the N64 to the GameCube, game consoles have everything a gamer’s heart could desire with a beating heart towards Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach.

But see for yourself, because the following Instagram video says more than a thousand words. It is appropriately titled: Your husband surprises you by setting up a new TV. What do you do?

The Instagram post writer’s answer to this question is: I will never leave my house again.. It can be understood if you watch the entire video.

Anyone who has done so will discover the attention to detail with which the impressive structure was achieved. Drawers are installed next to game consoles, which rotate at the touch of a button and free up a row of game controllers.

On the underside of the TV is a pod that slides along the wall of the room, stocked with all the connections, remote controls, and other extras needed to immerse yourself in the gaming session.

An Instagram video from the end of January now has nearly 200,000 likes – and rightfully so, in our opinion – even if you ask yourself in the comments why TV is right behind The sofa falls. But that doesn’t change anything about his super cool looks.

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How do you like the Nintendo Switch in large format? The setup you want for your living room (or game room), way over the top, or something in between? Do you own a real Switch or are you not a Nintendo fan? Feel free to write them in the comments!