August 7, 2022


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The free beta for Portal Shooter Splitgate is here – including cross-game!

# Free Online Portal Shooter Splitgate It will be released on July 27 after a major change – but with the open beta now live, fans can get started today for free on PCs and consoles.

With Cross-Play and Cross-Gen Game Play on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, fans can get an overview of what to expect when they line up later this month and start hopping in and asking questions. Players can Here Sign up for more information or go straight to your favorite site to play!

Splitgate’s free beta includes a taste of one of the new maps to be released on July 27, a specific time beta battle pass with ten free rankings that can only be opened during beta, a new game mode called Showdown and more. Fans can hone their skills before the start and get ready for a single game that offers competitive and fast multiplayer play with a completely unique twist of player-controlled portals.

Splitgate Repeat challenges, leaderboards and a dozen game modes and more than 20 maps appear, each with its own unique layout and game style. The maps feature a research facility on an active volcano, a luxury underwater hotel, an alien crash site, a future wooden house, an abandoned mine and more. Each map has its own look and feel and plays in a unique way and rewards players who use their tactics in fast portal battle Splitgate According to circumstances.

Interested players can learn more about the game by visiting the website Attendance or participation Twitter Effects.

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