December 4, 2022


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Dictoc style short videos are available in France

The YouTube short film will be available in France from July 14. This application feature allows you to create short videos like Dictoc or Reels.

Like YouTube It has already been shown in beta in many countries. Now is the time for France to take advantage of this. To do this, update the app. Press the + button to create a classic video. Therefore, we recommend that you upload a video, stream it directly, or create a short video.

Videos can be up to 60 seconds long. To record a short clip over 15 seconds, tap the 15 seconds icon above the record button. The icon changes for 60 seconds, and you can record up to 60 seconds of video. But if you want to add music from the large music library that offers YouTube shortcodes, the duration is only 15 seconds. You can also add visual effects and text.

Like YouTube

Other features are available in shorts, such as to increase the speed or to reduce your video or to reduce the timer to start the counter, so you can record without holding the device (you can choose how long the recording will stop automatically). .

Like YouTube

Shorts wants YouTube to compete with Dictoc and Reels on Instagram. Mountain View can count on a huge list to run a service that exceeds 6.5 billion views a day. We also deal with a real battle between the three applications to get users ’attention through videos. Therefore, Early JulyIn turn, it was DickTok that allowed videos to be posted for more than 3 minutes.

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