August 9, 2022


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Ingenuity helps to adjust the ninth flight mission objectives

Ingenuity helps to adjust the ninth flight mission objectives

Captured images Helicopter Ingenuity during its ninth flight On the surface of Mars Help NASA scientists adjust the scientific purposes of the rover mission Diligence. With the new images, researchers will be able to discover the next stages in the search for signs of life on the Red Planet.

The pictures were released last Thursday (8) and show the surface of the abyss Lake, The landing place of the rover of perseverance, from a height of 10 meters. Images allow scientists to see the landscape in more detail, being able to verify features such as boulders and individual rocks.


These details are far more than can be verified Examine the pictures Orbiting Mars, which is data used to plan the rover’s path. Pictures taken on July 5 show some of the features that are of great use to scientists finding fossils or traces of life today in the Xero Greater.

These high mountain ranges are rock formations that scientists have used as groundwater channels in the past. As water availability increases the chance of life, researchers are trying to collect samples of this material, which could be brought to Earth in a future sample return mission.

The best ways

Ingenious Ninth Air Shots. Credit: NASA / JBL-Caltech

Perseverance project assistant scientist Ken Wilford said the current project would visit a site called “Elevated Peaks” and closely examine them. According to Willyford, the images coming from the helicopter are far better in resolution than the orbits used so far. Read these Images We can guarantee that any visitors will come to the most important places.

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During its ninth flight, the ingenuity flew over the Sita sand field, through which diligence would soon pass. However, these dunes are about a meter deep, which can cause a trap for the rover.

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Thanks to ingenious images, soil conductors can better identify high-risk zones within and around the sand dune. Recent studies have shown that any bold attempt at scientific research can be very dangerous with diligence, so teams can use images to better plan their activities.

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