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The Florence Board Game: Review, Criticism and Testing

The Florence Board Game: Review, Criticism and Testing

Board and card games certainly provide access to many tasks and experiences that would otherwise be impossible. Or where else can we drive wild car races and discover exotic galaxies the next moment or fight dragons or pirates? until.

On the other hand, we still behave in games the same way as we do in real life. Happy people are also happy in games, the bold are braver than more reserved people, and we also react with indignation to injustice, just as other emotions are reflected when playing in everyday life and vice versa.

What is the Florence board game?

The real lesson in all this is Florence, Khalifa Pacific Rails Company By Dean Morris. It takes us to Florence during the Renaissance, when the Medici established their dynasty and shaped the entire city with wealth and power. They're also at the heart of everything that happens in the game, even if none of us lead them for once.

Instead, we embody the important clans vying for the Medici's favor and using their family members to use cunning and deceit to gain fame, reputation, and ultimately victory points. The large game board shows different buildings in the city and the streets that run between them. Our people are supposed to take a strategic position to attract the attention of three Medicis, each of whom will drive a different person in a magnificent carriage next to the supplicants in line to a pre-determined destination.Empty

Five debutants, three women and a maestro are on the waiting list

We have a total of five debutants, three ladies and one conductor at our disposal. They feature a clear class mentality, such that higher-ranking characters in queues move forward mercilessly, which can then trigger corresponding emotions in the game round. Just the same shapes line up one after the other, but they can be replaced by stronger or longer ones, which then use their elbows again.

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Florence: Giving the Medici a gift might be worthwhile

Florence - Promotions - Giant Rock Pictures

All possible movements and actions take more or less time in the game. In addition to bickering and moving game pieces, we can also give a gift to one of the Medici if he happens to be there with his carriage. Or we get points for special achievements (called bragging rights in the game). Or we use a scandal card that has various consequences for ourselves or others.

The decisive factor in all of this, on the one hand, is the positions of our people in the relevant columns and the resulting balance of power in the location. On the other hand, it is always important to take into account where the three Medicis were located in their carriages on a rotating basis

It will curve across the game board on a path known to everyone. Encounters and contacts with them can only occur along the way and at the destination. It is important to get there on time. However, the opponents want this too, which inevitably leads to all kinds of clashes and skirmishes.

Determine locations and number of floors in Florence

The rest of the game is told relatively quickly. At each stop of their journey, the Medici reward those who wait there in an individual manner. Cosimo awards his victory points strictly based on the petitioners' position in the queue. Contesina does the same thing, but honors only the ladies and the maestro and ignores the simple initiates. On the other hand, Giovanni only rewards the strongest local family if they still have enough time and haven't used it for previous actions.

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Florence - Physical Details: The Carriage - Image of Giant Roc

There is a lot to think about when it comes to the Florence board game

The demands on our families are varied and the use of resources must be carefully planned. Where will the chosen vehicle travel to and from next? What's the waitlist like there? Who should I send there in order to get the optimal place there and get the maximum number of victory points? Can I also give a gift to the Medici who are currently there? Can I also meet the site's bragging board requirements? Or could you help me with one of the Medici tokens of favor that also varies depending on which one you've given a gift to?

Nothing for the weak nerves

So Florence is an interesting betting and improving game, but unfortunately it is not very light. Individual actions are generally quickly understood. It is more difficult to deploy it at the right time and in the right place, while constantly considering the consequences that will ensue. Additionally, the constant stampede is not for the faint of heart. There is pressure and obstruction everywhere, and everyone feels like they are always the first or biggest victim of everyone's machinations.

Reward or injustice is the swing of the pendulum
Backgammon Florence - Box - Picture by Giant Roc

Of course, when the big and powerful come along, use their power and/or facilities and deprive us of the rewards of our previous efforts, it is not a positive experience at all. Inevitably we feel treated unfairly and a few neat ideas arise. No matter how many times in real life.