October 24, 2021


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The Metamorphosen Berlin Review - Very British

The Metamorphosen Berlin Review – Very British

Berlin Metamorphosen String Orchestra presents the works of Britten, Elgar, Warlock and Jenkins with tremendous expression.

Brexit or not, the musical exchange between the island and the continent has always been intense. British sound worlds from The Good One Hundred Years can be found on the new album of the Berlin string orchestra Metamorphosen: acoustic panoramas shot in different pieces are transparent, delicate and at the same time plastic and full of tension, right down to the best secondary vocals. The range of expression is enormous: feelings deepen and sounds of longing extend far. With Edward Elgar, there are sometimes sentimental, sometimes eccentric, sometimes intimate sides. Benjamin Britten sparkles with the freshness of youth. Get hymns and sparkle with Carl Jenkins. And with Peter Warlock, now forgotten, the royal court splendor of the Elizabethan era reverberates elegantly in modern attire. Fascinating, this abundance of color nuances.

© Simon Poli

Berlin transformations

Berlin transformations

very british
Works by Britten, Elgar, Warlock and Jenkins

Metamorphosen Berlin, Wolfgang Emmanuel Schmidt (cello and direction)
Sony classic

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