July 21, 2024


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The first consoles of the new “Switch 2” are already here

The first consoles of the new “Switch 2” are already here

This is already in one Nintendo Switch 2 The action is no surprise. But the first developer consoles for “Nintendo Switch 2” should already be in circulation!

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the Nintendo Switch (as of March 31, 2023) and successor Playstation 2 The most successful video game console ever. The Switch is currently experiencing its second mini-spring, especially with the release of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.” But one thing is also clear: even if other major games like “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” have been announced for fall and winter, time for the Switch is slowly but surely running out: Nintendo’s hybrid console is now over. It’s six years on the hump and is technically behind console competition from Sony and Microsoft. Although the Japanese video game manufacturer regularly teases its console extremities, especially in first-party titles, it’s clear that the next console for the “Nintendo Switch” will appear sooner rather than later.

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There is currently no specific information about it, also because Nintendo naturally wants to influence the current sales of Nintendo Switch as little as possible. In any case, it has already been confirmed that a Nintendo Switch successor is already in the works. But when key 2 can appear, it can only be guessed. But now there may be the first major indication of a “Nintendo Switch 2” (and therefore also a possible release date): because now a Spanish leaker wants to know that “Nintendo Switch 2” developer consoles are now in circulation.

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The first Nintendo Switch 2 developer kits from the Spanish developer’s studio?!

The leaker calls himself “Nash WeddellAnd he wants to know that a Spanish development studio has a domain Nintendo Switch 2 development kits came. What does that mean specifically? A development kit is not a traditional console, but is usually a prototype console that largely reflects the console’s hardware in future sales. Developer groups should enable developers to improve or publish their games on new hardware, since game development can generally take several years. This means that even if it is true that the studio in question received a development kit for “Nintendo Switch 2” from Nintendo, it could be several months or years before the console is actually released.

In addition, there is certainly nothing other than confirmation of whether the leak is in fact supposed to be reliable information. Nintendo has not yet officially commented on the rumors. However, Nash Weddell had leaked information about Metroid Dredd in the past, which is why he has such a good reputation on the inside scene. The fact that developer kits for “Nintendo Switch 2” are already circulating wouldn’t be a huge surprise from our point of view: even though Nintendo doesn’t want to release a new console in the current fiscal year (up to and including March 31, 2024), a release next year would make sense. From a strategic point of view.

We look forward to more in the future Nintendo Switch 2 leaks we will give. Assuming Nintendo’s new console is really called that.

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