June 13, 2024


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Prime Gaming Rewards Leaked – Get your free skin pack

Prime Gaming Rewards Leaked – Get your free skin pack

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from: Joost Rademacher

Players with an Amazon Prime subscription can regularly fork out free bonuses from Prime Gaming. Diablo 4’s new July reward has been leaked.

Irvine, Calif. — Along with Prime Day gaming deals, there will also be new Prime Gaming rewards starting July 6th. For the first time, Diablo 4 rewards will also be included this time around. Not all rewards have been confirmed yet, but the leak has already confirmed a free skin pack for Amazon Prime subscribers. Here we tell you what it is and how to recover it.

game title Diablo IV
Version (date first published) 06/06/2023
Publishers Blizzard Entertainment
series Diablo
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC
Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Type Hack and Slay, Action RPG

Diablo 4 Prime Gaming: Mount Skin Pack revealed

This is the first reward: With the first Prime Gaming rewards for Diablo 4, fans are likely to get many items for Blizzard’s RPGs. The first of these to be confirmed is the skin pack of moderate length. Package contains one horse shield and two more prizes for combinations.

  • Skin mount package moderate length
  • Horse Armor: “Dead Sea Scales”
  • Trophy: “The Will of the Seas”
  • Shield: “Dead Sea Ship”
Diablo 4 New Prime Game Rewards Leaked – Get a Free Skin Pack © Blizzard Entertainment / Amazon (Montage)

The pack will normally cost a whopping 800 Platinum in the Diablo 4 item shop. After converting to Prime Gaming, subscribers can save €8 with this pack alone. More new items can be revealed soon in the Diablo 4 Season 1 trailer livestream.

Redeem Diablo 4 Prime game rewards – It’s that easy

Here’s how subscribers can claim the bonus: Once Amazon unlocks Diablo 4 rewards, subscribers must visit the website for Diablo 4 Prime Gaming visiting. The website will have a section dedicated to Diablo 4 under the free game content available with Prime. There you just need to click “Activate”.

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If you are not already registered, subscribers must sign in once with your Amazon account. Then you have to connect your Battle.net account to Prime if it has not already been done. Completing these steps will unlock Diablo 4 content on your Battle.net account.