December 7, 2023


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The evolution of the automatic illustration creation tool is amazing!  !  The feature that allows you to color line drawings is a hot topic!  !  – OTONA LIFE

The evolution of the automatic illustration creation tool is amazing! ! The feature that allows you to color line drawings is a hot topic! ! – OTONA LIFE

In recent years, AI illustrations have become more and more popular in various scenes. AI illustrations are illustrations that are automatically generated by artificial intelligence, which has learned from the huge amount of data available on the Internet, according to the keywords selected by the user. The development of artificial intelligence has created new possibilities in various fields, and its progress is also noticeable in the field of artwork.

Posted on March 6, 2023,Io Kinki @ studiomasakaki studiomasakakito“AI illustration has completely changed the game with the advent of Controlnet. It’s a really cool job to be able to color from line art! You can either ‘keep your own lines’ or ‘have the AI ​​correct them’.” The point is can you also this does not specify the color, but if you select “red hair, black clothes, yellow eyes” you can also specify the painting orientation like this. “The tweet was accompanied by an illustration in which the line drawing was colored using artificial intelligence. The post got over 10,000 likes and became a hot topic on Twitter.

This time, we’ll give you details about this tweet and the various reactions it received in the reply column.

What can ControlNet do?

Until now, AI illustrations have often been talked about of comparable quality to works drawn by humans on the Internet, but the poster, Io Kenki, tweeted, “AI illustrations are the look of Controlnet. They completely changed the game,” he said.

(Photo courtesy of “Io Kenki @ Studio Masakaki (@studiomasakaki)”)

(Photo courtesy of “Io Kenki @ Studio Masakaki (@studiomasakaki)”)

ControlNet is an extension that allows you to determine information such as a person’s position, circumference, and depth using an AI image generator called “StableDiffusion”. It is possible to create an AI illustration that respects originality because it is possible to “keep the line as is” or “have the AI ​​correct it”.

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Strictly speaking, coloring the AI ​​like a picture is not coloring the line that draws itself, but using Controlnet to make the AI ​​hyper aware of the line that draws itself and create an illustration along the outline from scratch. You can also specify the color with the keyword, so that you can finish the work in the direction you imagined.

Line graphics for tweets are automatically generated by AI! !

Twitter users who viewed this tweet commented that they were surprised by the evolution of AI illustrations, saying, “With AI, you’re able to do this without even knowing it…!” There are rare people who aren’t that good at painting, but this seems like a good match.” Various comments were sent in the reply column, such as voices that it could be used as a technique that could cover areas that painters aren’t very good at.

In addition to the previous tweet, poster Io Kenki also said:

“The line drawings you have provided are not drawn by hand, but were created with an additional tutorial template intended solely for line drawing. It is indeed possible to start from a doodle like this and lead to a final illustration.”

A must see for those who want to learn AI illustration! !

This Tweet introduces the latest AI sharpening technology. Even people who are not good at drawing can create their own works by mastering how to use AI illustration tools.

…… However, many people may have thought that learning an AI illustration tool from scratch would be unexpectedly difficult.

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Io Kazuki also posted a free article to learn AI image generation in the shortest distance at the URL below. The necessary machine specifications and basic knowledge of image generation are explained in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners, so if you’re thinking of starting an AI illustration, why not use it as a reference?

Also, Io Kenki uploaded a separate video on Twitter introducing the AI ​​retouch function, so if you’re interested, please check that out as well.

● Catch up now! Introduction to Super Illustration → AIhere
● Introduction video of the AI ​​retouch function →here

* Thumbnail (Photo: courtesy of “Io Kenki @ Studio Masakaki (@studiomasakaki)”)