November 30, 2021


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The blues must “respect the game and the opponent”

Even if he did win his ticket for the 2022 World Cup and arrive “in peace and quiet” in Helsinki, France coach Didier Deschamps said on Monday before moving to Finland on Tuesday that he “couldn’t miss a match”. (8:45 p.m.) At the end of the qualifiers.

“It’s not a friendly match.”

Didier Deschamps: “I always start from the principle that we have to respect the game and the opponent. We have that peace, that serenity comes with the knowledge that we don’t play in qualifying, but that’s not what will make me make more or less changes. There will be some changes, I don’t know how many. It’s not Athlete friendly. When you are in the France team, there is a duty and a requirement. The intention is to finish this qualifying session well (…) All players have an interest in being as efficient as possible.”

Hugo Lloris (Captain of France): “We have done the work, we are qualified. When we put on the jersey, we always have a commitment to performance and results. Even if there is little benefit to us in this situation, it is always important to find challenges. The focus will be above all on ending the calendar year well. Good with the blues.The Finns can make history by hanging levees and they will do their best to do it so it’s not a simple match.Their fans will be there, there will be a good atmosphere despite the climate,Terrain maybe a little trickier than the one in the park.It’s up to us To adapt to these conditions. Be ready to play an international match.”

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Risk of sagging and exposure

Didier Deschamps: “We cannot neglect any match, we must respect the opponent, keep and continue in the same direction, even when the score is scored in the first half against Kazakhstan (3-0 in the first half, 8-0 the final score), that’s what I ask of my team.”

You can’t go into the field on tiptoe, you have to go all the way without thinking.

Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris: “Maybe there is a little relaxation in terms of the situation, there is no longer any interest for us. But there is always that pride in wearing the Blues shirt, and there are also players who need to show themselves at the World Cup. In a year’s time there are very few matches with The Blues are in season. And when opportunities arise, they must be seized. Despite the context, tomorrow we want to end the calendar year well to continue with this beautiful dynamic. Team performance.”

indomitable series

Hugo Lloris: “(26 consecutive official matches unbeaten against 27 between 1994 and 1997) Everything is good. The statistics in general speak for themselves. Even if they do not replace a trophy or a big win, they show that there is a job well done, well done. In a certain logic, we want To continue this dynamic for as long as possible. It is the best way to prepare for the upcoming deadlines.”

Whenever there is a streak, we want it to last as long as possible.

Didier Deschamps

Didier Deschamps: “It’s part of the challenges. When there are play-offs, we want it to last as long as possible. There’s always that duty to perform, fortunately that’s the situation. Players are competitive. Three days after that happy moment. Saturday, we have to bring it back.”

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