July 20, 2024


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TFT: Billing Set 5 is launched today

TFT: Billing Set 5 is launched today

New Set 5 for TFT: Riot Game announces that billing will be available from today. The black fog in Ranetora continues to spread and now reaches Teamfight tricks through the mysterious portal. You can now benefit from the confusion that fog brings – but with more power comes a price.

Use the strength of the shadow elements

In TFT’s Set 5: Solution You have the option to use the new dynamics of shadow objects for your own benefit. Shadow items stained with black fog are now stronger than ever. Shadow elements can appear in any carousel or arsenal – they are permanently available – and can be retrieved two to four times per game, depending on the choices made.

Also, find new classes and properties. New classes include “Forgotten”, “Rascal”, “Night Ambassador”, “Chevalier”, “Armor”, “Revenant” and “Morning Ambassador”. Now you can choose from more champions with three attributes, which will definitely increase the flexibility later in the game without making the initial course of the game too confusing.

New explosions and stadiums with reckoning

With the calculation pass, players can once again immerse themselves in a TFT adventure and collect loot by playing, finishing travelers and fighting to unite. There are new explosions in the calculation pass and a total of three new stadiums: the “Order Sanctuary”, the “Empire of Reconciliation” and the “Chaos Court”. In addition to the bass arenas, there will be two new interactive arenas: the Beach Banquet Hall and the Graf Biffennvender Stadium.
With Bass + you can collect explosives, arenas and static treasures like a crazy penguin and all the contents of the standard bass. If you want to upgrade the pass later, you will review all of the active pass + included content.

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New mode: Lightning accumulation

For a time, “Labs” will be open for Set 5. The first lightning strike in these “laboratories”. Everyone here starts with ten lives and loses one life for each failure, and then even two lives in the game. A battle lasts 15 minutes. What is special about Blitzconvergence and other upcoming “labs” is that a separate system is used here, which differs from the normal ranking system. However, everyone can still climb, so they can be the best at lightning integration. However, classes like “Challenger” and “Grandmaster” are only for normal TFT games.

About Teamfight Tactics

TFT is an eight-person strategy competition in which players combine lol champions and items in different formats to defeat the other seven players. At the forefront of the autopotler genre, gamers tactfully place an army of characters on the game board – for an automatic battle, the purpose of which is to see who will be the last remaining.

More information can be found here Website.

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