May 20, 2024


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Maze at Animal Crossing on May 1, 2021, how to do it?  - Breakflip

Maze at Animal Crossing on May 1, 2021, how to do it? – Breakflip

May 1 excursion returns to new horizons of animal crossing in 2021! This year, a new site was proposed to meet Charlie.

Lay 1er ink Celebrated in 2021 Animal trafficking: New frontiers.

Throughout the week, a special ticket will allow you to travel to a medieval mystery island. This is the island you will find A maze With rewards to collect. Here’s how to get out of the maze All rewards !

How do you end the May 1 maze at Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

By going to Mystery Island on May 1 using your ticket from the airport, you will be a Great site !

To get out of the maze, you need to go on the right track and use the appropriate objects and actions. You no longer have anything in your inventory and you must use the items available on the site.

To help you, here is the path taken by YouTube Switchforce, Who manages to solve the maze. See you soon 9:40 To get the complete solution to the maze.

You can’t have a view from above to look at yourself easily, and many elements block the passage: holes, trees, rocks …

To get this, you need to use all the elements to help you: shovel, ax, but fruit, you can Eat to gain more strength Break the rocks!

If you follow the path well, you can access it Hour ticket Who are scattered, but must meet Charlie, Which will reward you.

Remember that if you do not succeed or you get lost, you can call Help Service Get on your nougat phone to start fresh from scratch, without leaving Mystery Island.

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As a reward, you will receive a photo of Charlie: