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Test // Crew – Deep Sea Mission

Test // Crew – Deep Sea Mission

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Entry Log-in Kensh, Captain Meg Diver, day fourteen
This morning, at around 7:00 AM, the submarine’s loud distress signals woke me up. I ordered everyone to occupy the battlefield. I jumped out of my cabin, intoxicated. The crew ran around me back and forth like a stunned ants. With a heavy thunder and a collapse, the earth began to shake beneath me. Some of my people fell because they could no longer stand on their feet. I immediately knew something shocked us. Are we delinquent or deviated in the face? I immediately ordered 3 of my men to search the submarine for leaks or damage. I couldn’t see anything unusual on the sonar machine, so I grabbed the binoculars straight away. I can hardly believe my eyes (The rest of the magazine is soaked and the ink washed off).

Information about the game

Cosmos kindly made available a TIEFSEE CREW – MISSION for us to review.
This does not affect our rating!

This is what the game is all about

THE CREW – MISSION TIEFSEE is a cooperative trick game coined by Thomas Singh, designed for two to five deep-sea divers. THE CREW – MISSION TIEFSEE is suitable for children aged 10 years and over, and according to KOSMOS Verlag, the game takes an average of 20 minutes. Players slide into the role of deep sea divers who are traveling in a submarine. Players experience many adventures and try to challenge the dangers of the sea.

Crew mission Tiefsee 102

To do this, they have to win tricks without consulting each other. At the same time, they face various tasks that make life difficult for them. The story can only continue if all missions are successfully completed. The record consists of 32 entries. Each logbook entry brings new dangers and adventures.

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All hands on the combat stations

THE CREW – MISSION TIEFSEE is a classic trick game at heart. A player points to a card and places it from his hand in the center of the field and all the other players must play the card. Cerf means players must play cards of the same suit if they have one on hand. Alternatively, they may discard cards of a different type if they do not have a card of the same type or if they are winners. Ditching any other color will do the trick. Trump cards can also be played if players are unable to serve. Trump cards represent the highest card values ​​and players automatically win tricks after playing a trump if no other player has played a higher trump card. Trump cards appear here as submarines.

What sets THE CREW apart is that only sonar tiles can be used for communication. Each player has the opportunity to do this once per game. For this purpose, a card is placed in front of the player, and the sonar tile is rotated to its red side to show that it has been used and placed on the card. Depending on where the piece is placed, other players receive different information.

Crew mission Tiefsee 108

The top of the card: This is the highest card of the type a player possesses.

In the center of the map: This is the only card a player has.

Below the card: This is the lowest card of the kind a player owns.

After placing the card, the player takes a reminder card so that the card is not forgotten.

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THE CREW – MISSION TIEFSEE contains a number of tasks with different levels of difficulty. These are indicated using life buoys. Players now place several mini-mission cards until the sum of the numbers on the mission back reaches the mission difficulty level. Depending on the number of players, the mission cards have different numbers printed on them.


40 large playing cards are dealt and the player holding the card is Submarine No. 4 the captain and takes the corresponding cardboard width. Now the little mission cards are handed out and dealt with, starting with the captain. The next entry in the log is only read after all assignment cards have been completed. If so, the game is considered to have been won and the story continues.

The Small Mission cards are very diverse and require players to win different colors, a certain number of tricks, specific cards, and much more.

Das material

The material includes 40 large playing cards in different colors, 5 large reminder cards, 96 small order cards, 6 tiles, and one captain holder. All cards are of acceptable quality, although, as with its predecessor, they quickly wear out and stick together through increased gameplay. The six panels, like a cardboard stand, are perforated from thick cardboard. Unlike its predecessor, I especially liked the large and sturdy captain’s mount.

The mission of the crew tiefsee 100

As with THE CREW – JOURNEY TO THE 9TH PLANET, the instructions are well written and easy to understand. The numerous examples and summaries in the margins of the guide make it easy to read and understand. Those who are familiar with trick games will find it very easy to find their way here.

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