May 31, 2023


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At the start of 'Massive Talent': Celebrating Nicolas Cage in the podcast - Cinema News

At the start of ‘Massive Talent’: Celebrating Nicolas Cage in the podcast – Cinema News

In “Massive Talent” Nicolas Cage plays himself – and even in a double role. We take this opportunity to talk not only about the comedy worth watching in our podcast, but also about the star.

Leonine / Webedia GmbH

Because actor Nick Cage (Nicolas Cage) desperately needs money, he allows himself to be persuaded by his agent (Neil Patrick Harris) to accept the offer of a wealthy businessman: for a million dollars he is supposed to be the star guest at his super fan Javi (Pedro Pascal) birthday party. in Mallorca. But upon arrival, Cage learns from the CIA that Jaffe is said to be a feared arms dealer who has also kidnapped a politician’s daughter and held him in captivity. The Hollywood star must help save the girl. But Nick befriends Jaffe first…

In the podcast, moderator Sebastian and his guest Bjorn – editor of FILMSTARTS, a fan of these lines and author Nicolas Cage – quickly agreed. That “Massive Talent” (in cinemas today!) is a comedy worth watching, Precisely because of the great interaction between the lead actor and his co-star Pedro Pascal (“The Mandalorian”). However, they also have some weaknesses:

The podcast is of course spoiler-free and we’re not just talking about a “huge talent”, but Use the theatrical release as an opportunity to talk more about Nicolas Cage. How far is Bjorn on his quest to watch all 100+ movies with Cage? And what is the best? So look forward to some recommendations from the star’s mutable filmography like “Con Air” and “Face/Off,” which you probably haven’t considered yet.

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