May 17, 2022


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Terraforming Mars Free to Play May 3

Terraforming Mars Free to Play May 3

from Rhonda Bachmann
While the Epic Games Store is still giving away already Sandbox Just Die and surreal mutant adventure game Paradigm this week, the next free title is already known. Starting May 3, Epic Games will be giving away the strategy game Terraforming Mars. This is a modification of the popular board game.

Free weekly games will continue to be available on the Epic Games Store. This week, players can still choose the actually Just Die sandbox title, the slightly different point and click of the adventure model. Two matches still Available until May 3 at 5pm. It is already known which game will follow the two strange titles.

Epic Games offers a board game version

With things already getting more serious in Just Die and Paradigm where players will then be able to choose Terraforming Mars as a free game from the Epic Games Store. This is a video game adaptation of the well-known board game. Free Mars Reclamation can be claimed from May 3 to May 9.

In reshaping Mars, companies set out to turn Mars into a habitable planet. Players run one of these companies and must use resources and technologies to get the highest possible score for the terrain. For example, the temperature, the oxygen content, or the creation of oceans must be regulated. During reclamation, more and more people are moving from Earth to Mars.

The video game is based on the strategy board game developed by Swedish game designer Jacob Frexelius. The game from 2016 has been designed for up to five players and won the German Game Awards in 2017. The video game mod for PC was released on Steam in October 2018 by Asmodee Digital. The title is now also available for iOS and Android.

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source Gaming BoltAnd EpicGames