June 18, 2024


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Technology: Rome sends drones to fight seagulls

Technology: Rome sends drones to fight seagulls

The city of Rome is facing a seagull epidemic. (archive photo)


The city of Rome is facing a seagull epidemic. With their strong beaks and long claws, they intimidate tourists and locals alike. The problem has now become so severe that unusual methods are being developed to keep the seagulls away.

Andrea Lunerti, one of the most famous experts on dealing with birds of prey, snakes, wild boars and deer, has developed a drone that keeps seagulls away from terraces and balconies.

When a guest goes to the buffet on the terrace of a hotel or restaurant, birds pounce on the plate and take the snack with them. They often break through garbage bags they find at the center and grab food scraps. Last week alone, 30 cases of seagulls attacking dogs and children were reported in Rome.

Afraid of the light

The drone, which Lonerty developed with a pilot, emits sounds and light pulses that scare away seagulls. The small device is easy to maneuver and can also fly in tight spaces. It is controlled by a pilot wearing a helmet. Fearing the noise of the drone, the birds stay away and refrain from building their nests there. Then they don't come back because they consider this place unsafe.

“The drone has a rubber propeller that does not harm anyone. We are still in the testing phase, but the results in combating seagulls are encouraging. The big city particularly attracts wild animals because of the large amount of food. So they leave the forests to move to the outskirts of Rome,” the expert said. They can rummage through garbage and find food. This applies to wild boars, foxes and seagulls as well.

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