April 18, 2024


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Technology – “Cool-down Güssing” project keeps you fit for summer

Technology – “Cool-down Güssing” project keeps you fit for summer

The temperature is approaching summer and a lot has happened at Güssing Kindergarten and BORG Güssing. According to project manager Christian Doczykal from Güssing Energy Technologies, summer temperatures in the nursery reach over 28 degrees and are constant. These almost unbearable conditions led to the development of the smart cities research project “Cool-down Güssing”, which analyzed and evaluated several cooling methods.

Technical innovations bring convenience

“The decision was made to use a natural and environmentally friendly night-time ventilation method. Automatic servo motors are used to open certain windows in the group rooms and bedrooms at night, thus gently cooling the rooms. Tests show that this method can reduce the room temperature by about 5°C overnight.” The system's intelligently controlled motors are also connected to a weather station that automatically closes the windows in unfavorable weather conditions, such as wind and rain.

“High temperature is also a problem due to the climate situation, so it was important to do something about it. Not only in summer, but also in transitional periods,” explains the project manager. In addition to the kindergarten, Al Burj also benefited from this project, as it Decentralized ventilation devices were installed in two classes. These devices lowered the temperature compared to other classes and ensured proper ventilation with moderate outside air all year round. “The weather was harsh in BORG because there were really extreme temperatures in September. “It was really necessary to look for solutions, all built on a natural basis,” says Christian Doczykal. “We have implemented this and now it is giving good results. At BORG we have 3 to 4 lower grades during lessons than in neighboring classes. It is very convenient, and when you move from one class to another, you can clearly feel it,” says Doczykal.

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“After using the ventilators in two categories for more than a year, we can now provide preliminary and partly positive reviews,” says Robert Anthony, Director of BORG. “Up to a certain number of students and outside temperature, the systems have positive effects in terms of room temperature and air quality. In the summer or when outside temperatures are high, the devices will reach their limits. Only air conditioning can,” says Anthony. To provide actual cooling.

The “Cool-down Güssing” project is a collaboration between Güssing Energy Technologies, JOKE Systems, OK Energie Haus and a number of other partners.