September 24, 2021


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Apacer and Onyx Healthcare . Collaborate

CoreSnapshot in Medical Devices Apacer and Onyx Healthcare . Collaborate

Storage specialist Apacer has agreed to work with Onyx Healthcare. The medical technology company will integrate Apacer’s CoreSnapshot technology into medical devices.

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Apacer’s CoreSnapshot technology is now used in Onyx medical devices.

(Photo: Apacer)

Data integrity and immediate availability in medical devices must be ensured. Sudden failure can pose significant risks, as can delayed treatment or diagnosis.

To prevent this, Apacer and Onyx have incorporated CoreSnapshot technology into their Onyx medical devices. If the operating system crashes, users can boot into SSD recovery mode with the push of a button. Data and the operating system are reset to the last backup state in less than a second, and the normal operation of the device continues immediately.

“Medical devices with CoreSnapshot technology provide a kind of emergency room for data and significantly reduce troubleshooting time. Dean Lin, Product Manager, Smart Clinics Division at Onyx, explains that the risk of misdiagnosis or disruption of medical processes is greatly reduced.

different ways

Firmware-based CoreSnapshot technology provides various recovery methods. These include in-band software recovery, hardware pin drivers, and out of range (OOB). In the event of an application error, users can run the in-domain recovery command on the host or via the cloud. If a blue screen appears, the system can be restored in the shortest possible time using an external hardware driver or OOB module. According to Apacer, expensive RMA operations and on-site support costs can be reduced.

For use in Onyx hardware, Apacer has added the AES-256 SSD hardware encryption algorithm to CoreSnapshot technology. Therefore, patient data and medical records must be protected from unauthorized access. In the future, CoreSnapshot will be part of Medicare vans at screening stations and in (medical) computers and tablets and will aid in imaging diagnostics, patient monitoring, and electronic patient file retrieval.

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Gone are the days when backups were made exclusively to tape. Today, the situation with regard to backup media and strategies is more diverse, which also leads to uncertainty.

Backup & Archiving – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Storage feed Backup and archiving
Storage feed Backup and archiving

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The main topics are:
# On the way to the right backup strategy
# Cloud backup and hybrid backup
# Tape – Defensive Dinosaur
# Data Security and Storage: What are the applicable legal requirements?
# Long-term archiving with object storage
# Protect unstructured data without backup
# First-class backup and archiving strategy

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