June 13, 2024


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“Technology breaks down all barriers”

“Technology breaks down all barriers”

Heike Hample explains plastics manufacturer Rehau’s experiences with Chat GPT and how the company uses the AI ​​tool.

Plastics manufacturer Rehau Chat uses GPT in its corporate influencer program, “as an assistant for content creation and idea generation,” says Heike Hample, communications specialist. Selected employees from different regions will be able to write about themselves and their work on Linkedin.

Chat GPT helps break down the hurdles. “We train our colleagues on how to develop ideas using AI while at the same time being critical about them. Rehau deliberately and purposefully started the pilot phase because we believe Chat GPT is a powerful tool.”

Hampel can imagine “artificial intelligence will save effort and time on administrative tasks such as writing emails or keeping appointments in the future.” It’s not scary, but it’s satisfying, because such activities are not popular anyway.

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This creates more freedom for tasks that AI cannot: “Developing concepts, making strategic decisions – all that requires a lot of brain power and knowledge about the own company.” Humble says AI is not perfect. “But I’m not. Maybe we can come up with the best possible solution together.”

GPT chat in the intercom
With every issue of Employee Magazine, Hampel “deals on AI topics. Of course I already have an idea, but Chat GPT sometimes sparks an idea or two.”

It developed a pilot newsletter for factory employees using Chat GPT to test the efficiency of AI in format development. We specifically asked them about their target groups. Always with a specific question – because we knew where we wanted to go. After about 15 claims, the concept and the name were made. “This technology breaks all barriers.” Because Rehau’s communications department will not only work on such multidisciplinary projects, but also in the field of information technology, data protection and legal management.

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“please try it”
At the moment, everyone who controls Chat GPT from the Rehaus corporate network is shown a start page with information. “It says, for example, that it’s not a good idea for Chat GPT to generate summaries of minutes from sensitive meetings,” Hampel says.

In addition, Impulse Lectures are offered internally. “As an internal communication, we send the message: Please try it – but don’t trust blindly. Because the answers from AI are sometimes wrong, limited. Or shaped by a particular point of view.”

This text is an excerpt from a Focus on the topic of artificial intelligence in this PR report.

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