September 22, 2023


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Technologie-Quarter Wedau-Nord: Energy Center celebrates coronation ceremony

Technologie-Quarter Wedau-Nord: Energy Center celebrates coronation ceremony

Ceremony honoring the energy center of the future technology quarter Wedau-Nord (from the right): GEBAG Managing Director Bernd Wurtmeier, Duisburg Mayor Søren Link, roofer Dirk Beuze, Bruno Sajorna (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GEBAG), Markus Funek (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GEBAG GEBAG) Managing Director of Duisburg Supply and Transport. Photo: Uwe Koppen.

Achievement Achievement: GEBAG and Duisburg Logistics and Transportation celebrated the opening ceremony of the futuristic energy center in the Wedau-Nord technology park in the south of Duisburg.

“The energy center with its imposing, registered chimney will become a trademark of the Wedau-Nord tech district. Just as the entire district, as a place of creative power and engine of structural change, will be a symbol of our city’s transformative capacity,” says Soren Link, Mayor of Duisburg.

GEBAG started renovation and conversion work on the former boiler house in December. The building is recognizable from afar, above all by its striking and terraced chimney, which was renovated two years ago according to the monument. As part of the work in progress, two large heat pumps, two hydrogen capacity combined heat and generation plants, and a boiler room heat storage will be accommodated.

“Today’s coronation ceremony marks an important step towards the future of the Wedau-Nord technology region,” stressed Bernd Wortmeyer, General Manager of GEBAG. “The Technology Quarter aims to provide a significant impetus for sustainable and smart urban development in Duisburg. I am delighted that by preserving the boiler house we can sustainably deal with the existing building structures on the site – and can continue to use them in a future-appropriate way with a modern energy center. The chimney symbolizes To the exclamation mark that the entire technology district will set for the city of Duisburg in the future.”

GEBAG is investing a total of around €5.3 million in the conversion, and planning came from the Dusseldorf office of Miksch Rücker Malchartzeck Architekten. Stadtwerke Duisburg has signed a 25-year lease agreement for the energy center, and commissioning is expected in the summer of 2024.

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Markus Funek, Managing Director of Duisburg Supply and Transport, emphasized at the opening ceremony: “The energy center and innovative supply concept show what future-oriented heat supply could look like in an area: large heat pumps that use waste heat from the data center, combined with Combined with the coupling of high-efficiency combined heat and power and in a further step connection to the future CO2 neutral district heating network.This project brings together all the technologies that exist today that pave the way for heat transfer.As the whole system is already designed for hydrogen operation in the future, it will be possible Provide a completely CO2 neutral supply for the quarter here in the future.”

About the technology district Widow Nord
A future-oriented, cutting-edge technology quarter will be created on approximately 30 hectares of the Wedau-Nord development area. The planning focus on the one hand is the planned further development of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) on the site of Duisburg, which in the medium term would like to move the Faculty of Engineering and associated institutes to the development area. It is planned to settle R & D companies, startups, and co-working area operators in other regions, but also for use by national technology companies without direct contact with the university.


Gebag management on Tiergartenstrasse in Dellviertel. Photo: Petra Groenendaal.

The non-profit construction company Duisburg (GEBAG) was founded in 1872 and is one of the oldest construction companies in Germany. Since 2012, today GEBAG Duisburger Baugesellschaft mbH has become the largest real estate company in the city with currently 12,577 apartments totaling over 821,000 square meters of living space, 145 commercial units and 16 kindergartens. It offers a home for around 35,000 residents of Duisburg: affordable, good quality and contemporary. GEBAG is a municipal real estate company in Duisburg that employs more than 200 people. For nearly 150 years, it has played a major role in the formation and development of the city of Duisburg. Social commitment in and for the city of Duisburg is very important here.
Non-profit building association Duisburg (GEBAG)
Photos: Uwe Koppen (1), Petra Groenendaal (1)