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Team 5 FUNF – Boys and Back Band

5ifth’s new album reminds us of the boy band days of the ’90s, but has been carried over to today in the best possible way in order to keep up with the latest hits. The new boy band’s debut album will absolutely delight all fans of Take That, N*Sync and Co.

Finally a boy band again and that’s with songs in German, all Schlager fans who lived through the exciting times of the boy bands in the ’90s will say. And rightly because Team 5 Fünf has allowed these extraordinary times in pop history to be relivedwith their new albumOne boy band and back“They celebrate the great hits of the time. The fact that this album was produced in German is no coincidence, even successful stars and producers since that time have long noticed that music in our native language is more popular than ever with fans Schlager music or music Pop is irrelevant, good music should not be divided into any genre, here the term Schlager is understood as a German translation of the English term, just like us at SCHLAGERportal 5ifth’s new album is definitely a hitThey’ve already hit number one on the album, the tune that’s in each one of us’s ears – “Come back to me” is now the German version of “Back for Good” hit by Gary Barlow. Immediately after that follows the popular and hit Backstreet Boys song “Quit play games (With My Heart)”, which is perfectly prepared musically for the new millennium. No Mercy sang “Where To Go” in the ’90s, and the 5ifth team also chose this title and immortalized it on their new album, almost in our opinion better than the original – talk, dance, rhythm, and beautiful German lyrics included. Even the songs “Without You”, “Stay But” or “Say It Like This” will be instantly recognized by all the disco-goers since that time.

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Michelle sings with Team5ifth!

With “Entfach mein Feuer” all music lovers will be especially surprised, because nothing else Famous Schlager star Michelle supports team5 Five With her exceptional voice. The original version by Dan Hartmann – “Light My Fire” – I had a really hard time here, because the German cover of The fifth team and Michelle Excitingly successful. Even with “love everywhere,” “wanting you on day one,” “never,” “sorry is the hardest word for us” or “step by step,” the boy band feel instantly rises. Covering Aventura’s world-famous Latin title “Obsesion” with “Amor (Obsesión)” is a brave act of Team 5, but the listener will be surprised that they have managed to create an entirely new musical that only has the chorus in common with the original – well done. In the end, “Dynamit” honors the days of the hit boy group, this title must sound like it came at the time but it’s one New composition by Jay Kahn and Sami Naga.

Team5 Fünf: “A Band Once Upon a Time” – Conclusion

The album title meets listener expectations 100%, as four of the five members come from former boy groups and know exactly what it should sound like. yAi Khan, Mark Terenzi, David Lee Brandt, Joel de Tombey And Sven Light They really managed to bring the boy band charm of the ’90s to today with their debut album Once a Boy Band and Back. Their lively voices fit together perfectly and live on from the influences of their past groups. The 14 songs sound very familiar and a pleasure to listen to and the transfer of the 90s hits here and now is done very well. And the fact that this great boy band is backed on a track by Michelle’s charming voice puts the crown on the entire album. Of course, the album is a great gift for all fans of Backstreet Boys, East 17, Caught in the Act, Take That and Co, but all good German music friends will enjoy it too, songs from “Once”. Belonging to every DJ Boyband and back’ in the playlist anyway.

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Photo: Universal Music / Anna Bochnakova