September 16, 2021


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Bild von der ByteFM Moderatorin Jessica Hughes, im Gespräch mit der Band Culk auf der Pop-Kultur 2021.

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Austrian band Culk in conversation with ByteFM presenter Jessica Hughes as part of Pop-Kultur 2021

In addition to an extensive program of panel discussions, art performances, and film screenings, the Pop-Kultur event stands for one thing above all: One of the most diverse music groups on the German festival scene. And this is also in 2021, which is still affected by a global pandemic. Last weekend, a mix of different kinds of adventures were presented in Berlin’s Kulturbrauerei, from the absolute underground to the darlings of the famous scene, from the psychedelic flights of Saz to the techno queer.

We don’t want to miss this lineup! There were two of our ByteFM brokers – and they did eight interviews there! Nils Lagoda spoke with Drangsal about the hits in 5/4 hits and with Sofia Portanet about the art of music review, while Jessica Hughes spoke to Culk about feminism in indie rock and with festival publisher Pamela Oso Brene about the Ghanaian music pop music was talking about.

Here you can watch our interviews from Pop-Kultur 2021:


get tired

Sophia Portanette

The name Tara Doyle


Ozan Atta Kinani

Judd Klein

Pamela Oso Brene (Afropop, Pop-Culture)

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