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TBC Classic: That’s why Blizzard has to take care of this honor now

TBC Classic: That’s why Blizzard has to take care of this honor now

Blizzard must react. It is now practically impossible to get enough honor as a hurdler. Source: Blizzard

World of Warcraft TBC Classic, like the remake of the original, has launched with great success and with great fanfare. Since the 1st of June we can travel together again in 2007 and thus again to Outland. The new level cap 70 is just an average goal for the vast majority of players.

Those who have reached level 70 will want to focus on PvE or PvP endgame content. While dungeon contestants of heroic examples and conquistadors are currently spending the time of their lives in TBC Classic, many PvP fans often prefer biting the keyboard. Especially when they are on the side of the crowd.

Making Honor Farming Easy? exactly the contrary!

As we’ve already told you, the first ring season at the TBC Classic kicks off on June 16th. Since then, you can no longer just immerse yourself in the battlefields, but you can also fight competitively in teams of two, three or five in arenas for scoring, arena points, better equipment and more.

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Even the best track teams are rewarded with special titles and even a special mount at the end of the season. But in order to get these bonuses, you not only have to play a suitable set of classes, bring a lot of individual classes and understand the game, but also have the necessary equipment.

While you can purchase these during the season with Arena Points and the necessary rating, beginner PvP equipment can be purchased via Honor. It helps you greatly to get out of the starting blocks and celebrate your first successes in the arena. But sometimes that honor is hard to come by at the moment.

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Honor for whom is worthy of honor? Unfortunately no.

While the arena is there to provide you with arena points, you have to wreak havoc on the battlefield for honor – and best of all, to win. Then of course there are more points. While that information is enough for the Allianz at this point, the Hordlers are mostly standing by, waiting for their call.

A good 20 minutes can easily pass before you are invited to the battlefield after registering. This makes collecting honor for the first PvP equipment difficult and above all unfair compared to the Alliance, which comes to the battlefields faster. Smart minds may have already saved some honor from WoW Classic in order to invest it directly in new equipment, but in most cases this will not be quite enough to be able to purchase all the related equipment directly.

While many game endings would like to see a slight change in TBC Classic from the original The Burning Crusade expansion from 2007, Blizzard should react here. Because if Hordler’s mood changes and many players turn away from PvP and the frustration arena, the entire PvP ecosystem threatens to falter.

Even top streamers and WoW fans who don’t just play PvP are annoyed by the current situation. Notable example:

Blizzard should have no interest in an imbalance and perpetually bad-tempered PvP community, especially shortly after announcing its first esports tournament on the official stage at the TBC Classic.

WoW TBC Classic: Arena tournaments are back تعود

Possible solutions: Blizzard can do this now

How do you deal with this crisis situation? There are many possible solutions that players and developers will think differently. Maybe you have an idea for yourself?

However, we also want to address some possible solutions at this point. The first approach is, for example, to increase honor bonuses for PvP activities in the open world or assign corresponding tasks on a repeatable basis for less reward than the first daily completion.

Increasing the amount of Honor you get as a reward in the daily PvP mission will definitely be an alternative. This will also be another reason for the max level players to go out into different areas of the game world and thus make them more alive.

Another suggestion, directly from the community, is to declare an honor reward for arena fights, that is, unranked arena games which, frankly, are not even suitable to be played at the moment. This will be another way to earn honor and at the same time give relevance to unranked arena matches.

Last but not least, the so-called “mercenary mode” can also be a solution. This allows WoW Retail players to join unranked battlefields as part of an already hostile faction.