May 27, 2024


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Space Jam 2: Video Game and Controller Coming Soon – News

The latest trailer features a game largely inspired by the 16-bit beat’em up, which will inevitably take us away from the NBA Jam basketball game that we might have seen go down at other times. This was how Acclaim handled the first movie adaptation. crowded place, with Michael Jordan, at the time of Saturn and the first PlayStation by name.

In this title, the Tune Squad will face a virtual army created by Al G., while searching for the four parts of the “Legacy Code” that will allow them to get rid of the bad part of the story and his two legs, The Eyebrow and the White Mamba. It’s Digital Eclipse, a studio known for its 2D mastery on several Capcom reference outlets, responsible for the project on the development side.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be the first to welcome the game from July 1, as the service is entitled to a small two-week exclusivity for this particular title, which can be found among the perks. The title will then be available for free from July 15, regardless of platform, which coincides with the film’s release on the big screen, on July 14 in France – and on July 16 in the United States.

Finally, the Xbox Tune Squad wireless controller (in the center of the illustration) will soon be available in France on the Microsoft Store and at partner distributors.

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